Grimm Sneak Peek: Eve's Mirror Trip Takes a Rather Bad Turn

Grimm Season 6 Episode 11 Video

Grimm‘s Eve might be rethinking that whole “Go through the mirror on my own” thing, because this sure ain’t Wonderland.

In this exclusive clip from Friday’s episode (NBC, 8/7c), we see the Hexenbiest wake up in a cold, eerily quiet forest, all alone. And although she can see her friends… she has absolutely no way to get back to them.

When Monroe and Rosalee deduce that Nick’s ex probably slipped through the looking glass thanks to a blood-magic spell in Catherine Schade’s book, they summon Nick and Adalind to their house ASAP. But will they be able to figure out exactly which incantation Eve used to transcend the portal? And even if they do, who’d want to jump into a dimension where the only known inhabitant is a scary, skull-faced creature with an impolite staring problem? (Plus, what are those scary noises at the end of the clip?)

Elsewhere in the episode, the gang reluctantly agrees to trust Renard and tell him what they’ve been dealing with. And it’s a good thing, because there’s some not-so-great news on its way, and it concerns Diana most of all.

Press PLAY on the video below, then hit the comments: With three episodes left, Grimmsters, what are your predictions for the lead-up to the series’ finale?

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