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Peak TV Treasure: Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon Peak TV Treasures

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CREATED BY | Matt Miller (Forever)

NUMBER OF EPISODES | 16 of Season 1’s 18 episodes have aired; the season finale airs on Wednesday, March 15


PREMISE | An updated reboot of the 1980s-’90s film franchise of the same name, Lethal Weapon follows cocksure detective Martin Riggs (Rectify‘s Clayne Crawford) and his nearing-retirement-age partner Roger Murtaugh (My Wife and Kids‘ Damon Wayans) as they solve crimes and engage in an unconventional bromance in the Los Angeles Police Department. We soon learn that Riggs’ willingness to throw himself into life-threatening situations is neither bravery nor stupidity: After his pregnant wife died in a car accident on her way to give birth at the hospital, the young police officer has a very real death wish but can’t bring himself to do the deed. Murtaugh, meanwhile, has just returned to the force after a serious heart attack and frequently must reign in his daredevil new partner. Kevin Rahm (Mad Men) plays their frequently vexed captain, Keesha Sharp (Girlfriends) is Murtaugh’s awesome lawyer wife Trish, and Jordana Brewster (Secrets and Lies) plays police psychologist — and possible future Riggs love interest? — Maureen Cahill.

WORTH YOUR TIME IF YOU ENJOY… | Police procedurals that don’t take themselves too seriously, moments of real emotion — as well as much levity — sprinkled over cases of the week, manpain doled out in small-yet-regular doses, visually impressive stunts

YOU SHOULD PROBABLY ALSO KNOW… | What truly elevates Lethal Weapon to treasure status is the casting, particularly its central pair: Crawford and Wayans bounce off each other in a way that is equal parts silly and touching, and show is smart to play up their partnership as much as possible. Also, Crawford’s Season 1 hair/facial hair game is kind of epic.

IS IT COMING BACK? | Yes. Fox renewed the show for a second season in late February.

WHERE CAN I WATCH IT? | All aired episodes are available On Demand and via the Fox Now app; some episodes also are available on Hulu.

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