Project Runway: Junior Finale: Did the Right Designer Win Season 2?

Project Runway Junior Finale Winner

Though I’ve yet to fully recover from Tieler’s elimination, I have to admit that the four designers remaining atop Thursday’s Project Runway: Junior finale deserved to be there — and the proof was in their (mostly) stunning collections.

All four entered the finale with confidence, but as Tim Gunn slithered fabulously around the workroom to offer his final critiques, some of that confidence began to dwindle. In fact, Izzy was pretty much the only designer who emerged unscathed; Tim loved her “polished” collection, which was a callback of sorts to her famously well-received athleisure dress, and even said he could see the pieces on Tilda Swinton. (Izzy gets a million bonus points from me for responding, “I love Tilda Swinton! She’s my favorite… cook? Is she on the Food Network?”)

OK, time to break down the four collections…

IZZY | As I mentioned earlier, Izzy’s collection was basically a varied reimagining of her best work, but with a “elegant” twist. (For the record, she emphatically shot down Kelly Osborne’s attempt at labeling it “athleisure wear,” even though it totally was.) Hey, at least guest judge Olivia Holt emphatically declared that she’d wear one of Izzy’s pieces “to the MTV Music Awards or, like, the VMAs.” That’s… something.

CHELSEA | Is anyone surprised that Chelsea’s collection was inspired by a video game about an android who gradually becomes more human as he communes with nature? It was the craziest, most Chels-iest thing I’ve ever heard, and the judges seemed to share in my excitement. (In other news, does anyone know the name of the video game that inspired Chelsea? I want to play it!)

CHRIS | If you told me that half of Chris’ pieces were ghost-designed by Rene — you remember Mr. “Bondage Chic,” don’t you? — I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised (especially those that Tim accurately described as “cagey”). It felt like Chris was presenting clothes from two different collections, and this inconsistency did not go unnoticed by the judges. Despite declaring that his collection contained the two best pieces in the entire finale, they conceded that the overall vibe felt more like Florida than New York, which Chris professed to be his inspiration.

HAWWAA | The standout pieces from Hawwaa’s circus-themed collection may have been enough to take down Tieler, but they didn’t fare quite as well against the other designers. As Aya Kanai pointed out in her judgment, Hawwaa’s attempt at creating a fun, youthful vibe veered into something that “looks like it’s actually for babies.”

Once the final judgments were dished out, the remaining designers were sent packing in the following order:
4. Izzy, who assured us that this is “just the beginning” of her journey.
3. Hawwaa, who left feeling “just so #blessed” to have made it this far.
2. And Chris, who dropped the mic with: “I’m still better than everyone else besides Chelsea. … I look better in silver, anyway.”

And that left Chelsea as the winner of Project Runway: Junior Season 2!

OK, time to weigh in: Which former contestants did you enjoy seeing again? (A’kai’s shady stares were my favorite!) And are you glad Chelsea won it all? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your rationale.

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