Project Runway: Junior: Which Designer Deserves the Last Spot in the Finale?

Project Runway Junior Finale

The Project Runway franchise has always excelled at ramping up pre-finale drama, but the twist at the end of this week’s Junior — a personal obsession of mine — left me on (the cutting) edge.

If you watched Thursday’s episode, you know that the much-hyped double elimination turned out to be a bit of a misdirect. Though we did say goodbye to one designer (your flowing capes were too good for this world, Molly!), the judges couldn’t decide which of the other two in-danger contestants, Hawwaa or Tieler, should join her. Both designers will now prepare lines for the finale, but only one will be allowed to show, per the judges’ ruling.

Here’s a recap of this week’s runway show, in case you need a refresher:

So here’s my question: Which designer do you hope wins that coveted final spot in the finale runway show? Is it, Hawwaa, queen of color-blocking? Or is it Tieler, whose own personal style could best be described as Cabbage Patch chic? For what it’s worth, both designers seemed pretty sure of themselves at the close of Thursday’s show; Tieler declared, “I am ready!” as he pounded his fists together, while Hawwaa simply stated, “I’m very confident that I can beat Tieler.”

OK, time to weigh in: Who earned that last spot more? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your reasoning.

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