The Detour's Natalie Zea on Season 2: Robin's Shady NYC Past, an 'Incredible' Home Birth and Sam Bee's Return

The Detour Season 2 Spoilers

Remember, at the end of The Detour‘s first season, when the cops showed Nate all the photos of a woman who looked a lot like Robin? All those hairdos? Those ’80s and ’90s styles?

If you liked that, series star Natalie Zea says, you’ll be quite satisfied with the TBS comedy’s Season 2, which kicks off Tuesday at 10/9c.

“Oh, you just wait,” she tells TVLine, laughing. “I’m hanging on to these incredible photographs that I haven’t been able to post on social media,” at least not yet. “I had so much fun. I got to do what every theater kid has ever dreamed of doing: I got to play dress-up this season.”

The Detour‘s second season finds the Parker family — husband Nate (played by Jason Jones), wife Robin (Zea), and oddball kids Delilah (Ashley Gerasimovich) and Jared (Liam Carroll) — settling in New York City after spending all of the show’s freshman outing on an extended road trip. But the lack of interstate highways — as well as the end of Nate’s misguided bid to be a corporate whistleblower — in no way means that the show has lost its momentum, Zea says.

“The frenetic energy is absolutely still there. Jason is really good at that,” she says, referring to Jones’ behind-the-scenes role as writer and executive producer (with Full Frontal‘s Samantha Bee, who is his wife). “At the heart of it, it’s the same show in that it’s the same relationship, and these characters haven’t really grown all that much since you saw them last,” she adds, chuckling.

Read on for more on the Parker’s excellent, ongoing adventure, including intel on Bee’s return as Nate’s mom.

TVLINE | New York is a city full of the weird and wonderful, and yet — based on the promo — the Parker family still manages to stick out.
We fit nowhere. We don’t belong anywhere. That’s something we explore this season, it’s sort of an “us-against-the-world” thing… “Fish out of water” seems a little cliché and its been done, but there’s an element of that and there’s also —thrown into that — is this idea of Robin — Robin’s past — being tied in with the city and how she’s got a lot of ghosts and we get to learn what those ghosts are and it plays out over the course of the whole season.

TVLINE | Talk to me a little more about why Robin may not want to come back to Manhattan.
Well, she knows that her past is going to come out. I mean, to use a parallel for myself, I lived in New York for eight years, and I’ve been in Los Angeles for almost two decades now, and there certainly is that element that, when I go back, so much of my really important, youthful, formative years were spent in New York. So you’re going to encounter ghosts. And it’s weird being there. It’s this unsettling feeling when you’re there with your new partner and family and you’ve got this whole other life that is very different from the life you had before. In addition to that, there are — for Robin at least — there are some maybe not-so-legal things that she has to grapple with, coming back to bite her in the a–.

TVLINE | She comes into contact with an old flame this season. Is she tempted? Well, to quote her, when asked by Nate, “What’s going on, how do you feel about this?,” she says, “Are you asking me if I like him? Yes, I like him, but I don’t like like him.” [Laughs]

TVLINE | I know there’s a home birth involved in Episode 2. What can you tease about that episode?
That is, by far, my favorite episode. It’s my favorite episode of the season… It’s kind of a bottle episode too; we never leave the apartment building, but it is so full of incredible jokes. It’s just 22 minutes of jokes and the fact that it also involves a home birth makes it that much more wonderful. [Laughs] Oh, it’s so good. It’s so good.

TVLINE | What stories are the kids having this year as they’re growing and living in New York?
All I can say is: God bless their mothers. These actors have such incredibly understanding and grounded parents to be as OK as they are with some of the content we throw their way. And they’re such grown-ups about it, these actors — these kids — are so much more mature than Jason and I ever could be. Because it gets real. Because they’re going through puberty now. They’re in that really awkward, strange transition between being a child and being an adult in that like, no-man’s land where you don’t really know what to do with yourself. Jason has taken full advantage of that.

TVLINE | Have you had any tips from Sam Bee about how to mess with Jason?
Oh, girl. Sam is off saving the world. She does not have time to talk to us. [Laughs] We talk about, really nonsense. She really is so busy with her bigger fish to fry, and we’re just humbled that she even lets us use her name. [Laughs] She has a cameo. She had a cameo last year, but this one sort of expands upon that same character, and you get to see that and it’s pretty wild. It’s worth it.

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