TVD Recap: Scathed by the Bell

The Vampire Diaries Recap

News of Enzo’s death quickly made the rounds atop Friday’s Vampire Diaries, allowing everyone to grieve in their own special way: Bonnie wept, Damon drank, and Stefan… got arrested?

Yes, because it wasn’t enough for Human Stefan to be emotionally punished for his latest Ripper spree, he was also legally punished. Thankfully, Elle Woods Caroline swooped in to free him from police custody, then helped him save a single mother he left bleeding out in the woods. (I feel like Caroline Forbes is either the most forgiving person in the world, or she’s just in crazy denial about Stefan’s issues. Also, can we talk about how the series’ penultimate episode is called “We’re Planning a June Wedding”? I love it.)

Even after all of that, though, Mr. Hero Hair™ wasn’t quite out of the woods just yet. You see, Stefan becoming a human may have freed him from Cade’s contract, but his humanity also made him a tasty little treat for the hungry devil. And that’s where Damon came in: If he could deliver the Maxwell journal to his (old) boss, Cade would agree not to go all Swiper on Stefan’s soul.

But first, a history lesson (told via flashbacks while Matty Blue Eyes bled out on an operating table): Remember those dead witches Bonnie borrowed power from all those seasons ago? It turns out they were burned by hellfire released by the bell, sacrificing themselves to save the town. (Noble!) What’s more, the secret to stopping Cade is in the journal… which Damon totally made off with. And Cade threw into the fireplace. D’oh!

Fortunately, Damon remembered Sybil telling him about a secret back-up weapon (because of course there’s a secret back-up weapon) hidden deep within the vault. But just when he and Alaric were ready to hit the booze in celebration, along came… Kai?! (Confession: I let out an audible gasp when Chris Wood appeared on screen. Like, we already knew he’s in next week’s episode, but still.)

Speaking of surprises, Bonnie’s mom dropped in this week to help her daughter say goodbye to Enzo. And when I say “help,” I mean she straight-up lit Enzo’s body on fire because he was trying to reach out to Bonnie. “We need to close that door,” she told her daughter. “Whatever darkness you reached into is reaching back for you!”

(Am I the only one assuming that everyone is going to die at this point?!)

OK, enough from me: What’s your take on this week’s episode? Were you surprised by Kai’s return? And who do you think kidnapped Stefan? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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