Scandal's Tony Goldwyn Reveals His POTUS of Choice, Talks Fitz's Faith in Olivia (Plus: Watch an Explosive Clip)

The Oval Office remains up for grabs on Thursday’s Scandal (ABC, 9/8c), forcing Fitz to make a difficult decision about the future of the presidency.

Will he continue to push for Mellie, whose campaign he supported publicly last season? Or will he brush aside all this “assassination” talk and hand Cyrus the keys to the kingdom? For Tony Goldwyn, it’s a no-brainer.

“I think Fitz believes that Mellie, if protected from herself, could be a great president,” Goldwyn tells TVLine. “No one appreciates Mellie’s gifts more than Fitz, and no one knows her frailties better. And that’s what he’s been trying to accomplish in the past couple of years, to support her in a way that keeps her from self-sabotaging. He’s not been successful, and they’ve had their problems, but at the end of the day, I think he’ll do whatever he can to support her. Deep down, I think he really believes in Mellie’s potential.”

As for Mellie’s relationship with Marcus — which appears to have fizzled out, though I think we all know better — Goldwyn says he can’t imagine his character would object to his ex finding love again.

“I don’t think Fitz would have a problem with it, beyond the political problem of her having a relationship with a member of his staff,” the actor explains. “Mellie’s a single woman, and Marcus is a pretty solid guy. Fitz wants Mellie to be happy, and if Marcus makes her happy, I think Fitz would tell her to be with him.”

And then there’s the matter of Olivia’s involvement in all of this. As you’ll see in the preview clip above, Abby believes Fitz is being “brainwashed” by his ex (re: Cyrus’ involvement in Frankie’s death), but Goldwyn isn’t so sure.

“Yes, it’s difficult for them to be around each other at times, but they’re honest with each other,” he says of the twosome formerly known as “Olitz,” adding that “they have a special kind of communication.”

Hit PLAY on the video above for a juicy Fitz/Abby clash from Thursday’s episode, then vote for your POTUS of choice below.

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