Scandal Recap: Field of Schemes

Scandal Recap

Olivia’s mission to expose Cyrus took a sharp left turn onto Bonkers Boulevard during Thursday’s Scandal, somehow resulting in Olivia setting Fitz up with a hot new lady friend.

To be fair, that “lady friend” is actually Angela Webster, the director of the FBI. And Liv only took her out to lunch to distract her while Quinn and Huck did some digging behind her back. Still, it was an unexpected turn of events — kind of like when Nelson McClintock, the man arrested for killing Frankie, agreed to sign a confession after insisting he didn’t do it in the previous scene. (Hey, that’s the persuasive power of Jake “Crazy Pants” Ballard, I suppose.)

As you can imagine, this twist caused some tension between Abby, who orchestrated Jake’s involvement, and Liv, who remains convinced that Cyrus put the target on Frankie’s back. (Or, you know, wherever he got shot.) So imagine Abby’s surprise when Liv showed up at the White House in the episode’s final moments with an oh-so-incriminating little video of Cyrus and Frankie.

“I hate that I ever trusted you,” the late would-be president is heard screaming at his then-running mate. “What you did is vile and inexcusable. The moment I’m elected President of the United States, my first order of business will be to put you in the coldest jail cell possible. Over my dead body will you get away with what you did!” (Frankie’s poor, foreshadow-y choice of words aside, what do you think he was so mad at about? I mean, Cyrus pulled a ton of messed up crap during this election — who’s to say which one this is?)

Elsewhere this week…

‘I DID CHOOSE YOU’ | Thanks to a series of steamy flashbacks, Marcus and Mellie went from being the show’s will-they-won’t-they couple to being its oh-damn-they-already-did couple. Despite Olivia’s warning during the Republican National Convention — that’s right, Liv tried to nip this thing in the bud early on — Mellie gave in to Marcus’ charms after he taught her how to throw the perfect pitch. (A curveball, I assume. That seems to be Mellie’s speciality.) So how did this, ahem, pitch-perfect coupling eventually fall apart? It turns out most of the credit goes to Liv, who arranged for Abby to offer Marcus the position of White House press secretary to keep him away from Mellie. The former Republican candidate has since made peace with Liv’s actions, even going so far as to liken her own breakup to Olivia and Fitz’, but I can’t help but feel like the spark between Mellie and Marcus is far from extinguished.

‘SHARE YOUR LIFE’ | In other relationship news, Quinn spent the hour dodging Charlie’s follow-up questions about their engagement — or lack thereof — only to receive some unexpected encouragement from Liv (aka the Destroyer of Mellie and Marcus’ Happiness™). “Share your life!” she told Quinn, then proceeded to shame her for squandering her opportunity for true happiness.

UNITY, SCHMOONITY | And then there’s the little matter of who’s going to become the next President of the United States. Fitz ordered Cyrus and Mellie to come up with a “way, a plan, a compromise” to avoid the country’s “implosion,” but they definitely didn’t accomplish that goal this week. Cyrus thought he was being more than generous by offering Mellie the position of his vice president, but she threw it back in his face — along with a killer speech about what she really deserves. (“Honey, you better think again!”)

OK, let’s hear your thoughts on this week’s Scandal: Are you convinced that Cyrus orchestrated Frankie’s assassination? Are you hoping for more Mellie-Marcus action, or was this episode enough for you? And, seriously, how weird is that Quinn-Charlie wedding going to be? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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