Jane the Virgin Star Briefs Us on His Madam Secretary Visit — WATCH

Some people go to tropical climes or catch up on their sleep during vacation. Jane the Virgin‘s Justin Baldoni got himself a temporary government post.

While on break from playing the CW series’ heartthrob Rafael, Baldoni traveled to New York to shoot two episodes of CBS’ Madam Secretary… which seems odd, until you hear him talk about the political drama and realize he’s a superfan.

Read on to hear his thoughts about playing Kevin Park, a new co-worker who catches Daisy’s eye and who may be keeping a few secrets, then make sure to press PLAY on the video above for a sneak peek of his debut this Sunday (9/8c).

TVLINE | I’ve heard you’re a Madam Secretary fan. What made you think, “I really want to be on that show” in addition to watching it week to week?
Well, you have heard correct. I am a massive Madam Secretary fan. [My wife, Emily, and I] stumbled upon the show on accident one night and just fell in love with it. We thought it was so smart, and the writing was so good, and we both realized we had crushes on Téa Leoni. There was something that was so mature about the show. And in the middle of this intense political climate, where it seems like it doesn’t matter what side you’re on, and there’s just so much pain, watching a show with a strong female lead that’s navigating this political world with grace, intuition and class, it just gave us hope. I just thought the acting was so fantastic. Emily and I were always talking about how much of a dream it would be to get to play with them on the show.

TVLINE | Have you watched Madam Secretary from the beginning?
Yes, I have seen every single episode of Madam Secretary. I definitely think I came on set and showed my fanboy side. I didn’t even try to hold it back, because when we got there — Emily came with me — we just went around and said, “Oh my God, Elizabeth McCord sits here!” and we just had so much fun together. I was such a big fan dork the whole time.

TVLINE | I know Kevin is Daisy’s work colleague and she’s flirty with him — and it seems he’s flirty with her, too. What else can you tell me about him?
I can’t tell you too much about Kevin except there’s a little more going on with him than meets the eye.

TVLINE | As of right now, you only appear in two episodes.  Is your appearance left open-ended, so there’s a chance Kevin could return? 
Yup, I’m only appearing in two episodes. It was a unique opportunity, because Jane the Virgin was on hiatus and had this perfect window of these two-and-a-half, three weeks just as they were looking for someone to play Kevin. It was just the perfect storm in a good way. Unfortunately, Jane the Virgin is hopefully not going anywhere, so we’re just doing two episodes.

I’m not at liberty to say if the appearance is open-ended. But I would love to return to Madam Secretary. I love New York. The cast is so wonderful, they were so welcoming and inviting, and they’re just so talented and just good people. It was a joy and a pleasure to work with such talented people. And I’m a big Broadway fan, so to be surrounded by all of these experienced Broadway actors, it was so much fun.