Sleepy Hollow Recap: Crane on Trial — and a Good Point It Raises

Sleepy Hollow Recap Season 4 Episode 4

A giant spider demon disguised as Ichabod’s dead son puts Crane on trial in this week’s Sleepy Hollow. And if you think there’s anything metaphorical about that sentence, welcome! You’re clearly new to the show.

“The People vs. Ichabod Crane” provides the Fox drama with an opportunity to bring back fan favorite John Noble as Ichabod and Katrina’s not-so-dearly departed son, Jeremy Henry. The Crane men spend the better part of the episode arguing in a dreamlike courtroom over whether or not Ichabod should be found guilty for Abbie’s death. And while I’ll break down the beats in a minute, I’d like first to focus on one line that really stood out for me:

“Why haven’t you grieved Abigail Mills?” Henry snarls at one point during the interrogation.

Ichabod, of course, replies that he has. And I’m aware that both the show’s star, Tom Mison, and its Powers That Be repeatedly have said that Ichabod isn’t the kind to give in to long periods of melancholy or huge shows of emotion, and that his deeply felt emotions concerning the loss of his fellow Witness are more likely to play out under the surface as we continue in Season 4.

But I loved Ichabod and Abbie as partners. I liked them together even more when I thought they were falling in love. (P.S. I still maintain they were falling in love.) And while I respect the show’s decision to maintain Ichabod’s stiff upper lip… I’ve gotta say I agree with the sin-eater on this one. Ichabod wept over Katrina at the end of Season 1, and that was when she was still kinda alive. I wouldn’t mind seeing a similar depth of feeling from the captain regarding his beloved leftenant.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* The whole reason behind Ichabod’s ye-olde-courtroom appearance is that a spider demon — which produces the black goo that jumped onto his face at the end of the last episode — wraps him in its supernatural web and sucks him into a cave in Maryland, where he hallucinates the trial.

* A little digging on Jake, Alex, Jenny and Diana’s behalf reveals that the same despair-causing demon was present at Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War, and that Grace Dixon figured out how to kill it by creating a Fire of Joy.

* Diana is grudgingly back in the fight, though she doesn’t want Molly to have any part in it. Jenny makes an impassioned speech for her to reconsider. “Abbie and Crane had a bond so strong that they could literally tug each other back from different worlds,” she says. “They always knew how to reach each other and pull each other out of the depths. That is not something to be afraid of. That’s a gift.”

* While grabbing some stuff from the Smithsonian archives, Alex and Jake witness Jobe grab an old map-looking thing… and then disintegrate a security guard.

* In his hallucination, Ichabod realizes that Henry is really a demon, but he speaks to him as though he’s his son, nevertheless. “Every battle I joined, I joined for those I love,” Ichabod says, crossing to the older man and putting his hands on his face as he reiterates that he loves him. SpiderHenry cries.

* Still, SpiderHenry wants Ichabod to hang himself, and after making him feel really bad again, provides the noose. Ichabod’s about to use it… until the gang kills the demon, melts Crane out of his webbed cocoon and Diana calls Molly, who advises him (via speakerphone), “Don’t ever give up hope.”

* When a slimy, back-from-the-brink Ichabod comes to, he realizes he heard “Abbie’s words, Molly’s voice.” Diana realizes that she’s likely in this for the duration, and I wonder how that demonic cave has such excellent cell service.

* In the episode’s final moments, a jar of the spider goo that Alex assumes is now inert… isn’t, based on the human face that forms out of the ick.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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