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Sleepy Hollow's New Witness Revealed: Tom Mison, Clifton Campbell Weigh In

Sleepy Hollow Recap New Witness MOlly Season 4

Warning: This post contains a major spoiler from Friday’s Sleepy Hollow. Proceed with caution.

Abbie Mills’ successor in the battle against evil was revealed in this week’s Sleepy Hollow and, as some viewers guessed — and the final moments of last week’s episode all but revealed — the next Witness is Diana’s young daughter, Molly (played by Oona Yaffe).

Ichabod first encounters Molly in a dream designed to help him find his next partner, though at the time he is unaware that the girl he sees is Diana’s non-speaking kid. Later, while on a case with Agent Thomas, Ichabod is taken aback when he sees a photo of Molly on her mom’s phone. And when Crane and Molly come face-to-face outside of her school, Molly surprises everyone by breaking her self-imposed silence by saying hello to Ichabod.

Though Crane and Jenny plan to let Diana in on the secret, they eventually postpone sharing the news, choosing instead to let Diana and Molly enjoy their first night of conversation in a long while. Plus, as Ichabod notes at one point during the hour, “How does one bring an innocent child into the battle between good and evil?”

Series star Tom Mison says he pondered that question, himself, upon learning the news.

“There were lots of different avenues that the new Witness could’ve gone down. An 11-year-old girl certainly wasn’t one that I saw coming,” he tells TVLine. “For Ichabod, to see that it’s an 11-year-old girl, knowing the sort of battle that she’s entering, how could anyone be enthused? How could he be excited that he’s found the next Witness, when it’s a child?”

Showrunner Clifton Campbell says the series was sure it wanted the next Witness to be a new character, dismissing the idea of assigning the role to an established character like Jenny as “too easy.”

He adds: “It wouldn’t have challenged the idea of Witnesses in a significant way, and we just really needed to go far afield to explore the possibilities and to really give the idea that the greater good calls for who it needs when it needs that person.”

But just because Molly is a prophesied player in the End of Days doesn’t mean that she’s about to start packing medieval weaponry and chasing down demons, Mison stresses.

“Crane does a scene in one of the episodes where he explains to Diana that the Witnesses in the Bible are only meant to be there to witness. There’s nothing in the Bible that says, ‘They go in with flaming crossbows and things,'” he says, laughing. “Ichabod and Abbie chose to fight, to battle against it. And Molly can choose a different route — which I suppose is one that he and Diana and Jenny would encourage.”

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