'Golden' Donald Trump Allegation Isn't So Far-Fetched, Says Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah isn’t one to spread salacious rumors, but he’s also not one to pass up a golden opportunity for comedy — especially when it involves Donald Trump.

The Daily Show host on Wednesday reported on the unverified intelligence that the Kremlin has footage of the president-elect partaking in an obscene sex act during a 2013 trip to Russia. In doing so, Noah not only revisited clips that cheekily support the lewd allegations, but took a moment to reflect on the transition from Barack Obama to Trump, whose presidency is already shrouded in scandal.

“How is all of this real?” Noah asked, reflecting on the latest reports. “You could not have a bigger juxtaposition between the president America is losing, and the president America is gaining.

“We don’t know if this is true, but if the Donald could shake America to its core with an audio tape,” he said, referring to the Access Hollywood fiasco, “imagine what he could do with video.”

The segment then took a sophomoric turn, with Noah pointing out Trump’s love for all things gold. He also made mention of the billionaire businessman’s former vitamin business, which relied on consumers to submit a urine sample “for analysis.”

“I personally think it’s terrible that people are spreading an unconfirmed rumor… it’s disgusting,” Noah said, sarcastically. “It would be like suggesting that President Obama was a secret Muslim born in Kenya, or suggesting that Hillary Clinton was a murderer, or saying that Ted Cruz’s father killed John F. Kennedy. … How could anyone justify spreading rumors they know are completely false?” And that’s when Noah queued up a montage of Trump clips, where PEOTUS alleged to all of the above.

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