Grimm Season 6 Premiere Recap: Between a Stick and a Hard Place

Grimm Season 6 Premiere Recap

Grimm really lives up to its name in the Season 6 premiere, an episode in which the series’ title also can be applied to:

* Nick’s chances of surviving the next 24 hours

* Eve’s potential for getting her hexenbiest powers back

* Adalind’s future, stuck in the mansion with a fuming Renard

* Bud’s ability to experience a siege by Portland PD without needing Tums and/or a new pair of underwear

Read on to see how the Scoobies fare in “Fugitive.”

WAIT, WHAT JUST HAPPENED? | We pick up exactly where the Season 5 premiere left off: With Nick and Renard staring at each other in confusion over Bonaparte’s corpse, neither quite sure what just happened. “I guess I should thank you,” Nick says to his boss, but it soon becomes clear that the new mayor didn’t have a sudden change of heart at the most opportune of times.

As Renard runs out and tries to figure out what the heck is going on, the rest of the gang is scrambling around in the tunnels below the loft. Monroe and Rosalee find a way out and are going back to tell everyone when Rosalee suddenly decides she doesn’t want to say anything about the pregnancy just yet, because things are so terrible. Elsewhere, Eve still can’t woge, tearfully telling Trubel that “something’s in the way” of her being able to work her mojo. Everyone meets up and fears that Black Claw has followed them down into the passages, but it turns out it’s just Nick. (Good thing Trubel stops before her knife makes contact with his throat, eh?)

The gang is shocked to see all of the dead bodies littering the loft; Eve wants to know how Nick healed her, and so he hesitantly lets her in on the secret of The Stick. Then, a hasty corpse-removal plan is made — including the dudes Trubel offed at the Spice Shop — and everyone goes their separate ways.

PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1 | Back at the mansion, Renard’s still in shock as he tells a relieved Adalind that Nick is alive and Bonaparte is toast. But his mental fog soon burns away, leaving a lot of anger behind; Sean wakes up a Black Claw-sympathetic judge and gets a ton of search warrants, because he’s planning on pinning Bonaparte’s murder on Burkhardt.

And so begins a massive manhunt for the dashing detective, complete with a shoot-to-kill order for all Portland cops. This doesn’t sit right with Officer Franco, who fills Wu and Hank in on all the madness and later proves to be a huge help to Nick and his friends. But more on that in a minute, because first we’ve got to deal with the fact that Renard is having visions — blood on his hands, Franco bleeding and telling him, “You chose the wrong side, Sean” — that indicate he’s perhaps not as comfortable with his recent choices as he’d have us believe.

STICK IT TO ME | After a call from Adalind, Nick makes his way to the mansion to plant the most passionate, aren’t-we-glad-I’m-not-dead-iest kiss on her that we’ve ever seen. Seriously, I can’t remember a time when they’ve both seemed so equally into each other. It’s nice. But this is Grimm, so the moment passes in a heartbeat. He hugs Kelly. He becomes aware of the cursed engagement ring she’s wearing. He tells her she has to stay put. Then they (hawtly) kiss again, and Burkhardt out!

Meanwhile, one of the dead bodies at the Spice Shop grabs Eve’s arm and won’t let go. Her eyes turn black and things look bad, but then Rosalee realizes that the Hexenbiest Formerly Known as Juliette is experiencing a death grip, or a mystical way for someone afraid of going to Hell to try to grab a pure soul to barter with in the afterlife. The solution? Hacking off the guy’s hand. Trubel theorizes that maybe getting Stick’d had a side effect of cleaning up Eve’s soul.

Anyway, the experience left Eve with the ability to see patterns on the Stick’s cloth that no one else can see. And they happen to be the same symbols that were on the dead guy’s face during Eve’s death-grip vision. When everyone eventually regroups — at Bud’s refrigerator repair shop, which becomes the only safe place after Renard amps up his APB — Eve suggests that Nick shouldn’t carry the stick with him all the time. But she says it in such an odd, eerie way… I don’t know that I’d heed her advice, all things considered.

DEEP FREEZE | But it doesn’t matter much right now, anyway, because the police have tracked Nick to Bud’s despite his friends’ best attempts at subterfuge. Just as Bud and Monroe try one last thing to outsmart the Portland PD — loading a huge freezer onto Bud’s truck, to make the cops think that they’re getting Nick out that way — a whole lot of SWAT officers roll up on the shop, with Renard’s SUV right in the thick of it.

Eve tries to woge again. Doesn’t work. Womp-womp.

Outside the shop, a SWAT team member tells Renard that everyone is in position. His response: “Take them down.”

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