Grimm Season 6: Sasha Roiz Previews Renard's Fall From Grace, Unlikely Ally

Grimm Season 6 Spoilers Renard Diana

If anyone won Grimm‘s fifth season, it was Captain — er, make that Mayor — Sean Renard.

With the backing (and meddling) of Black Claw, the strapping Zauberbiest cheated his way into Portland, Ore.’s highest office. He blackmailed Adalind into pretending to be his adoring fiancée. He helped decimate the Hadrian’s Wall resistance. And he witnessed the return of his long-lost daughter, Diana, who was reunited with her estranged parents.

But soon after the supernatural drama’s final season bows on Friday, Jan. 6 (NBC, 8/7c), things are gonna take a sharp turn for His Honor.

“When we finished on Season 5, he’s really on top,” portrayer Sasha Roiz tells TVLine during a visit to the show’s set, adding with a chuckle,” and that changes very quickly by Episode 3″ of Season 6.

Without giving anything away, let’s just say that the newly minted mayor runs into a bunch of opposition in the first three episodes of the upcoming (and final) season — leaving Renard grasping at any form of support he can find. And Roiz says that’s when Diana becomes a more important part of her father’s life.

“His daughter plays a large role in his life, and I kind of like that element,” the actor says. “There’s this beautiful paternal instinct that kicks in in Renard whenever she’s around.”

As it turns out, the little girl will need her dad just as much — if not more — than he needs her.

“As the season progresses, it’s very imperative that he’s there for her, because she becomes the target of something possibly very dangerous,” Roiz says. “He has to step it up.”

This daddy-daughter bonding talk is great and all, but we can’t help but think Renard may have an ulterior motive in cozying up to his scarily powerful kid. And when we raise the point, Roiz smiles knowingly.

“We’ll say he’s still Renard, so he sees the potential of ‘Maybe I lost all this, but I’ve got this little lady who is quite a powder keg, so possibly I can use that to my advantage,'” the actor says. “And he certainly does manipulate that a little bit. He’s still Renard, come on!”

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