Grey's Anatomy Mystery: Why Is Mer Acting Like She's in High School?

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Let’s get one thing straight right upfront: I love Meredith. The Grey’s Anatomy doctor is a total badass — tough as leather, smart as hell and enviably snarktastic to boot. But the reasons I love her are the same reasons I’m so mystified and bothered by her behavior during Season 13. Why is she acting like she’s — and treating Maggie like they’re — in high school?

If you’ll recall, after Mer’s secret Season 12 hookup with Nathan, Maggie announced out of the blue that, all of a sudden, she like-liked her fellow surgeon and suspected that he like-liked her back. He didn’t, though; he like-liked Mer. (And, while Grey would be loathe to admit it, she dug him, too.) Yet, no matter how many opportunities Maggie gave her half sibling to say, grown woman to grown woman, “Sorry, sis. Been there, tapped that, and probably will again,” Mer remained silent.

Actually, no — Grey didn’t just keep her lips zipped; in a plot that could’ve been hatched in study hall, she orchestrated a whole charade to keep Maggie in the dark, instructing Riggs to let her down gently. And, every step of the way, I kept coming back to the same question: Why?

Mer, Maggie and Nathan are all adults. Mer hadn’t done anything to hurt Maggie, whose fixation with Riggs came on faster than a heart attack. (If there’s a sis code that parallels the bro code, it can’t possibly extend to the shagging of guys in whom one’s sister hasn’t previously expressed any romantic interest.) And — perhaps this bears repeating — they’re all adults.

If this was Riverdale, I might understand why Veronica would jump through hoops to keep Betty from finding out that she’d kissed the high-school hottie she hadn’t known her pal was into. But this isn’t Riverdale, it’s Grey’s. And Mer isn’t a sophomore, she’s a doctor, a mother, a widow — she’s lived, she’s loved, she’s lost. Are we to believe that the sum total of her experience tells her that the best way to respect Maggie’s feelings and acknowledge her own is to lie? Hasn’t Mer been through too much to put herself — and people for whom she cares — through such JV nonsense, never mind whip up that nonsense in the first place?

I think so. How about you? Hit the comments. Maybe it’ll all make sense in the end?

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