Lethal Weapon Boss Previews 'Super High' Riggs in Winter Premiere Stunt

Lethal Weapon Season 1 Spoilers Stunts Riggs High

Fun fact: That insane stunt in Lethal Weapon‘s second episode, the one where Riggs jumps off a roof, swings over a busy street and crashes through a window into a family’s living room, all with a scared woman in his arms?

It was kind of an error.

“That stunt was maybe our craziest that we’ve done, and it was actually a bit of a logistical mistake,” executive producer Matt Miller tells TVLine. “On that day, we jumped off the wrong side of the roof. It was supposed to be another side that would’ve made it a much more logical and plausible jump to a very close building, over an alleyway as opposed to going over cross-traffic.”

Nevertheless, the set piece set the tone for Fox’s reboot of the film franchise: Grounded emotional moments juxtaposed with how-is-this-happening?! action sequences.

“We don’t want to do superhero stuff, but we want to feel like we’re in a slightly heightened world,” Miller explains. “We do want to plausibly believe, at least on some level, that it could happen.”

The series will keep the adrenaline pumping (and Trish Murtaugh worrying) with its winter premiere (Wednesday, Jan. 4 at 8/7c), in which Riggs gets dosed with a “secret concoction” that makes him even less inhibited than usual… and that’s saying something. “He ends up in a set piece, super high,” Miller tells TVLine. “So we get to watch him do his normal stuff, where he runs and jumps on the hood of a car, except all the lights of Koreatown are blurring by.”

The following episode, “Lawmen,” finds Murtaugh’s impetuous partner handcuffed to a car steering wheel, a situation that’s under control… at first.

“He’s going to have a key under his tongue [to] escape, but the bad guys end up taking another car and pushing his car into the ocean,” Miller says. “So he’s now handcuffed to a steering wheel as the car is sinking into an ocean, and he has to get out of that.”

Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure Riggs makes it through: Miller hints that future stunts involve the mop-topped detective jumping into a moving helicopter and falling off (yet another) roof.

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