Can Lethal Weapon's Grieving Riggs Move On? EP Matt Miller Weighs In

Lethal Weapon Season 1 Spoilers Riggs Miranda

If Lethal Weapon‘s Christmas episode made it seem like Riggs had come to some sort of peace about his wife’s death, chalk that up to wishful holiday thinking, executive producer Matt Miller says.

Because when the Fox drama returns on Jan. 4 (8/7c), the grieving detective won’t have moved far past where we last saw him: obsessing about a punk criminal’s taunting insinuation that the car crash that killed Miranda Riggs (and the couple’s unborn child) was no accident. (As we now know, the drug dealer was lying.)

“That is a little bit of a question that we’re going to ask throughout the course of [the winter premiere]: the circumstances surrounding Miranda’s death, but more importantly, can Riggs let go?” Miller tells TVLine. “That seems to be the anchor around his neck, and it’s definitely a thing that drags him down.”

In the first episode back from the break, titled “Homebodies,” will approach the question by having both Riggs and Murtaugh meet and work with people who are a lot like them. The experience, while comic, will highlight the “ramifications” of the detectives’ partnership on Murtaugh, Miller says, adding that the older cop will ask himself “Can I live with this guy who doesn’t seem to be getting better, but seems to be getting worse and worse?”

The EP promises that there will be a light at the end of Riggs’ tunnel… but that it’ll seem like a mere glimmer for the near future. “We want to drag Riggs a little bit through the mud before he gets better,” Miller adds. “But then there are going to be moments within our back half of the season where he is better, and you feel like this guy has improved.”

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