The 100 Season 4: Octavia Unleashed, 'Bellarke' Bonding and 25 Other Key Moments From the Trailer

The 100 is going to some dark places in the new year, as revealed in the just-released trailer for the CW drama’s upcoming fourth season.

Picking up shortly after the battle with ALIE, Season 4 paints a grim picture of Clarke & Co’s future, full of radiation-induced lesions, infighting amongst the Arkadians, and a badass new assassin on the loose. (Wait, that assassin is Octavia!)

Hit PLAY on the trailer above to see what all the fuss is about. Then hit play AGAIN and follow along with my moment-by-moment observations below. Honestly, this trailer is a gift, and it’s a lot to process:

0:04 — “The end is coming”? OK, we’re off to a terrifying start.

0:12 — Ooh, the Pyramids!

0:13 — Oh, never mind. Bye, Pyramids!

0:23  — This just became the Proactiv commercial of my nightmares.

0:42 — Enough with the choppy cuts, already! I feel a seizure coming on.

0:46 — “You know, Raven clearly hasn’t suffered enough. Let’s shoot her in the leg.”

0:52 — Octavia will not rest until she’s defeated every last member of KISS.

0:54 — Get it, Murphy!

1:03 — Guys, Monty is pissed.

1:24 — Not going to lie, I’m really digging Jaha’s fresh new look.

1:41 — “Sky Ripper, death from above”? This is the season of Octavia!

1:49 — Doesn’t Roan know that trying to “rule everything” is the quickest way to get yourself killed on this show?!

1:52 — Oof! Some harsh truth from Murphy to Clarke right there.

1:55 — Aaaaaand there’s your “Bellarke” moment.

2:14 — I feel like Jasper only needs one hand. The other can be a permanent flask.

2:15 — Kane + Abby 4ever! Ow, owwww!

2:20 — Who? What?!

2:25 — Well, that’s not good to hear in any language.

2:28 — Can we not crucify Indra?!

2:32 — Bane!

2:42 — Clarke, you… uh… appear to have something on your face.

Which trailer moments stood out to you? Drop a comment with your top picks below.

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