Nashville EP Talks 'Course Correction' Regarding Maddie's Role in Season 5

Nashville Season 5 Maddie Storyline Fix

If you weren’t Maddie Conrad/Claybourne’s biggest fan during Nashville‘s fourth season, the men responsible for another highly talked-about TV teen want you to know: They’re on it.

“I can say that i was not a fan of the storyline that they gave Maddie last year,” says Marshall Herskovitz, who along with Ed Zwick assumed showrunning duties when the country-music drama moved to CMT for Season 5. He refers to the series’ emancipated minor plot, which found Rayna and Deacon’s adolescent daughter (played by Lennon Stella) legally separating from her parents when they wouldn’t allow her to sign with a recording label.

Herskovitz tells TVLine that the series’ upcoming fifth season (the first hour of which airs Thursday at 9/8c) addresses fans’ grievances with Daphne’s big sis. “We’ve made a course correction on that that we’re very excited about, and I think Lennon is excited about,” he says, though to avoid spoilers, he declines to give specifics. He also adds that Maisy Stella’s Daphne also will “have her own storylines” as the season progresses.

Still worried? Herskovitz, who along with Zwick created the critically acclaimed My So-Called Life and its Kool Aid-haired protagonist Angela Chase, asks wary fans to review his track record.

“If you look at our history, we did a whole series about teenage girls,” he says, chuckling. “We’re excited by the idea about telling stories about both [Maddie and Daphne], and that’s going to manifest itself.”

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