Supergirl Preview: Jeremy Jordan Exposes Guardian's Fatal Flaw, Predicts Major Fallout With Kara

Supergirl Spoilers

For a guy named Winn, Jeremy Jordan‘s Supergirl character sure does love placing himself in lose-lose situations.

“Not only is he stepping out and doing this whole Guardian thing with James, but he’s also lying to Kara — so things are starting to catch up to him,” Jordan tells TVLine. “We saw his trepidation over creating Guardian, but he eventually gave in. And with James so gung-ho, always wanting to rush in guns-blazing … sooner or later, it’s going to get them into trouble.”

Frankly, it’s a position Jordan never thought he’d find his character in.

“Early on, I thought maybe [Winn] was going to be a villain,” Jordan says — which makes sense, given his villainous roots. (Let’s not forget about his dear ol’ dad!) “But it’s been a really cool journey to see Winn become more confident and come into his own. He had so much more to give at CatCo, and he’s finally at a place where he can do that, while also getting to nerd out every day.”

And now that Winn is chilling at the intersection of nerding out and fighting crime, it’s only a matter of time before he eventually adopts an alias of his own as James Guardian’s sidekick, right? Well…

“At this point, they’re just calling him ‘the man in the van,’ which is equal parts hilarious and creepy,” Jordan says. “I think we’ll stick with that for now. It has yet to be determined, at least in Winn’s mind, whether this Guardian thing will be able to sustain himself. I doubt Winn would be against building a suit for himself — maybe a big bubble that no one would break into — but going into the field? Not so much.”

One thing we can count on, however, is that Alex’s big coming out isn’t going to make waves with Winn or any of her other DEO co-workers.

“Personally, I think Winn’s totally cool about it, though it’s not something we’ve fully addressed,” Jordan says. “I don’t know if or when she’s going to fully come out to everybody, so we’ve yet to see how everybody would react to that, but I can’t imagine he would have a negative reaction. If you remember the pilot, Winn was very excited about the prospect of Kara being a lesbian.”

Jordan was also fully aware of the Internet’s speculation that Winn would turn out to be the Arrowverse’s next gay character — and he kind of loved it.

“Someone at Paleyfest mentioned that all the Berlanti shows usually have at least one gay character, so I raised my hand to volunteer,” he recalls. “Like, it’s cool. Winn can be bi or something. … But I can’t see Winn being gay, not after the ludicrous amount of pining he did over Supergirl last season.”

Your thoughts on all things Winn? His involvement with Guardian? His potential future with Kara? Whatever’s on your mind, drop ’em in a comment below.

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