Supergirl's Chyler Leigh: Alex's Coming Out and the 'Stronger Together' Theme Is Important, 'More Today Than Ever'

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This week on Supergirl, DEO agent Alex Danvers (played by Chyler Leigh) — in the wake of finding herself drawn to lesbian NCPD Detective Maggie Sawyer — came out to her sister Kara (Melissa Benoist).

During a stroll, Alex revealed to Kara that she had developed feelings for her new friend Maggie. Although she had never felt this way in the past, Alex admitted that “maybe she had thoughts like this before,” possibly in high school for her best friend.

“I shoved that memory down so deep inside that…it’s like it never happened,” Alex confessed.

Alex’s declaration was first met by a sense of sadness from her sister, though for a reason she would not discover until later: Kara had to wonder if Alex might have arrived at this realization about her sexual identity sooner, had she not had to spend so much time minding her sister’s Kryptonian secret. Thus, she felt some guilt in stunting her sister’s growth.

That misunderstanding was more than cleared up as Kara assured her sis that she was not alone and would not have to do this without her. She then lent Alex much needed comfort when Maggie, though super-supportive, gently declined her overture, saying they are at “different places” and thus should stay friends.

In a message shared Monday night via Instagram and paired with a rainbow-striped Supergirl logo, Leigh said of the storyline, “I’m SO proud to tell [the] story you’re gonna see tonight. It’s a major step in self discovery, acceptance, joy, heartache, struggle, love and what our show signifies so often … #StrongerTogether. More today than ever before.

“I’m honored to have been trusted with such a beautiful journey,” she continued, “and humbled to hear all the feedback so far about how Alex coming out was truthfully depicted. It has honestly brought me to tears. I’m so so grateful.”

Elsewhere in the episode: James Olsen made his debut as The Guardian, a motorcycle-riding, masked vigilante who lent a hand when a parasite alien drained Supergirl of her power. James and Winn decided to keep their new crimefighting partnership a secret from Kara, lest she try to stop the “super friends.”

Meanwhile, Mon-El spent most of the hour getting drunk or hitting aliens as hired muscle for a bookie. A less-than-impressed Alex explained to Mon-El that the reason Kara gets so upset with him is because she believes in him and his potential to be a hero. So Mon-El finally stood up and hit the streets to fight the parasite alien. Then at episode’s end, he got rewarded by getting kidnapped by the Cadmus goons.

Finally, in order to save J’onn J’onzz’s life, M’Gann submitted to a blood transfusion — but she’s not really a Green Martian so that could mean trouble for Hank.

Supergirl fans, what did you think of the episode? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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