Mae Whitman Tries, Fails to Maintain Her Composure at Gilmore Premiere: 'I'd Like to Not Get Arrested' (Video)

tvline_gilmorecountdown_04Mae Whitman was a basket case at Friday’s world premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life — and, lucky for this bystander, she made little effort to contain the crazy.

Stars Hollow’s second most high-profile stalker (after yours truly, of course) showed up at the event sporting a custom-made-by-Rachel-Antonoff “I’m With Lorelai” tee-shirt and then proceed to hyperventilate her way down the red carpet. By the time she arrived at TVLine’s spot, she was in full-tilt meltdown mode. And it was a glorious sight to see. (Exhibit A: The video above).

“I’m f–king freaking out,” she confessed to me. “I’m trying to act with some composure so I don’t get arrested here.”

Whitman wasn’t just attending the event as a fangirl though. She was there in an official capacity — as a cast member. As we reported last spring, the actress makes an appearance in the four-part revival, appearing opposite her former Parenthood mom and real-life BFF Lauren Graham.

Fun fact: Whitman and I shot our cameos on the same day, and I can confirm what she says in the above video is true — she was a mess the day of filming. But it was a stomach bug, not her Gilmore fanaticism, that felled her.

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