Vampire Diaries' Evil Siren Teases 'Dark Plans' for Caroline and Alaric's Kids, Shares Her Preferred Flavor of Human

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Last week’s Vampire Diaries revealed the source of “hot nanny” Seline’s heat — you know, actual flames of hell — but fans might want to save their gasps for the next big siren-related bombshell.

“You should be very worried about the twins,” Kristen Gutoskie tells TVLine of Caroline and Alaric’s magical offspring. “I’m sorry to say it — Seline definitely has some dark plans for those kids.”

But before you start hating on Seline too hard, remember this: Has this show ever had a truly irredeemable villain?

“I don’t think her evil acts necessarily have evil intentions,” Gutoskie argues. “She’s doing a lot of things without knowing any better. There’s also a part of her that envies humanity and doesn’t want to live a life in service to the Devil — it gets a little tiring. So there really are two sides to her personality.”

And it’s entirely possible that one of those sides might still appeal to the over-worked head of the Armory.

“I definitely think there’s some attraction between Seline and Alaric,” Gutoskie admits. “Despite all the dark stuff going on with the kids, there’s still a connection between her and Alaric. I think she likes feeling needed by him, feeling a part of the family, a part of something.”

As for our last image of Seline — chowing down on Georgie’s corpse — Gutoskie says it was just another of the many firsts she’s experiencing now that she’s part of this show.

“We had some turkey jerky and some ketchup, and we made a good concoction — and I had to eat a lot of it,” she recalls. “It was between that option and mashed-up fruit roll-ups, and I just didn’t want that much sugar. I had the choice, and I went savory over sweet.”


Your thoughts on Seline? Hopes for the rest of the final season? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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