Vampire Diaries Recap: Ancient History — Plus: Tyler's Fate Revealed!

The Vampire Diaries Recap

After seven seasons of self-exploration, Stefan Salvatore finally took a long, hard look in the mirror on Friday’s Vampire Diaries and asked himself, “Which girl are you?”

OK, I guess that question requires a little context: It all started with Sybil telling Stefan the story of her “sister,” a fellow psychic she met after being exiled to an island by the people of her home village a long-ass time ago. (Like, 750 B.C.) While Sybil only wanted to use her powers for good, her “sister” preferred using them to lure sailors and plunder their booty. And by that, I mean literally eat them.

This is where the million-dollar question came in: Forcing him to confront his own part in current affairs, Sybil asked Stefan which sibling he really is — the one who’s been forced down a dark path, or the one who was a man-eating monster all along. He eventually told her that he’s “both,” prompting her to reveal another secret: She and her “sister” serve the first-ever psychic, a powerful gentleman named Arcadius (or “Cade”), and that if Stefan wants to save Damon, “All you have to do is kill the devil.” (Gee, thanks!)

Speaking of secret monsters, Sybil’s “sister” was revealed to be none other than Caroline and Alaric’s nanny Seline, and it turns out Georgie was working for her. (I say “was” because, well, we all saw what happened to that poor soul.)

Elsewhere this week…

MATT DONOVAN RETURNS | Speaking of grim outcomes, the final moments of this week’s episode confirmed our worst fears from last week: Tyler Lockwood is dead. And to make matters even worse, it was Matt who came across the body after being tipped off by Damon, who spent most of the episode screwing with — wait for it — Matt’s father, who supposedly possessed an heirloom of interest to Sybil. Can you even process how tragic and complicated that situation is?

AGE OF ARCADIUS | And let’s talk about this “Cade” guy for a minute: Is he shaping up to be this season’s true Big Bad? (No offense to the siren sisters, of course.) This show does have a history of pitting Stefan & Co. against the “firsts” of various kinds, be they vampires (the Mikaelsons) or doppelgangers (Silas and Amara). And the fact that Seline was telling Caroline and Alaric’s twins about him have me even more concerned. What does she want with them?

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Are you bummed about Tyler? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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