Was Blindspot Mole Obvious? Is TWD's Negan Not Scary? Grey's Spark Flying? Bigger Worst Not Best? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Supergirl, Blindspot, American Horror Story and How to Get Away With Murder!

1 | For an elite assassin, MacGyver‘s Murdoc sure missed a lot when targeting Mac from 20 feet away with his ginormous gun, eh?

Trump 60 Minutes2 | Regarding the Trump-themed 60 Minutes: How pissed were Eric and Donald Jr. that they were banished to the mezzanine while sister Ivanka got a plum orchestra seat?

3 | How did Westworld‘s nitro-stuffed corpse survive the leap from the train to the ground without falling out of the saddle? And what’s your guess on which other park staff will be revealed as hosts?

4 | The Walking Dead‘s Negan: more annoying than terrifying? And could the timing have been any worse for an extra-long episode in which Negan and his cronies pillaged Alexandria — less than a week after a president was elected who many Americans fear will strip them of civil rights?

5 | Has any Masters of Sex scene this season shown more character growth than former hothead Bill’s gentle, measured chat in the car with Johnny in Sunday’s finale?

| Did anyone not catch Timeless cleverly turning the tables on Rufus and Lucy, with him advising her to wait/ “Don’t make eye contact” outside the Black Liberation Army HQ?

| Seriously, why is it suddenly OK for Supergirl to enter the DEO dressed as Kara? On a different note, are you genuinely impressed by how well the show is handling Alex’s coming out? And do you think the show might zag on us and actually have Lena Luthor (if she goes that way) be Alex’s first relationship?The Flash

| Was Jane the Virgin‘s Grease-inspired musical number just what you needed to lift your spirits?

| Flash fans, before you could see the “Here’s Kitty!” at the bottom, did you think Cisco’s shirt was making a political statement?

10 | Which illusion from David Blaine’s ABC special will give you longer-lasting nightmares: the ring on the coat-hanger, or eating glass?

11 | Be honest: Have you forgotten that Chicago Fire‘s Sylvie and P.D.’s Antonio are sort of thing? Doesn’t it feel like ages since they’ve shared even a brief scene?

12 | Was This Is Us going for a Friday Night Lights vibe with that high school football game? Has laundry ever seemedThis Is Us more romantic than during that washing-machine montage? And has anyone been able to spot the Small Wonder poster flagged by this legal copy? (Buffy is in teenage Kate’s bedroom, while Alien hangs in Kevin and Randall’s room.)

13 | TVLine reader Octavis asks: “Arrow wants us to believe that Curtis can braid/unbraid his hair that quickly for fighting?” Meanwhile, we still wonder: Is an elite team of crimefighters really needed to handle garden-variety bank robbers? Do SCPD beat cops do nothing?

14 | On Empire, is that an actual giraffe’s headEmpire mounted on baby Bella’s wall? And how many episodes until Lucious learns about Andre’s duplicitiousness — and punishes him severely? (We’re going with “one.”)

15 | TVLine reader Steven asks, “Couldn’t the Designated Survivor writers have fact-checked their New York Yankees comment (about playing the first post-9/11 baseball game) in Tom’s speech and changed it to the Mets?” Also, why didn’t Deputy Director Atwood simply excuse McLeish from the Oval Office, citing “insufficient security clearance” or something?

16 | Were any Blindspot viewers surprised that Borden, as many predicted, was the mole? And man, doesn’t Patterson have the worst luck with men?

17 | Was You’re the Worst‘s finale, at 1 hour, 21 minutes, a little too super-sized?

American Horror Story18 | Shouldn’t American Horror Story: Roanoke‘s Lee have noticed that Lana was a dead ringer for Audrey? (And since she didn’t, does this mean that when Lana someday crosses paths with the Tattler sisters and Hypodermic Sally, she won’t notice their resemblance, either?)

19 | Does any Grey’s Anatomy viewer not think that, at the last minute, DeLuca will drop the charges against Alex? Also, how bright were those sparks flying between Arizona and Eliza? Damnnnn.

20 | Bonnie and Annalise’s How to Get Away With Murder kiss: Sexual? Maternal? Sisterly? Horrifying? All of the above? Also, raise your hand if you think there’s still a tiny chance Wes’ death is a fakeout masterminded by Annalise (and a really incredible makeup artist).

21 | Has B.J. Britt been given a more interesting character to play in just a couple Pitch episodes than in all Season 2 of UnREAL? And did the Ginny/Mike promo have you whoa!-ing or groaning?NO DW

22 | Where did the Legends of Tomorrow get their horses? Does the Waverider’s fabricator machine makes animals as well as hats?

23 | The Big Bang Theory’s remote control-powered Stephen Hawking toy: Offensive or not?

24 | Why was Mom’s reveal that Roscoe’s not only smoking pot, but drinking as well, treated as a punchline? And do you think Violet is lying to Christy about her seemingly perfect Lake Tahoe life?

25 | Would a tacked-on scene confirming that The Good Wife‘s Alicia got her happy ending with Jason been enough to put the finale in the win column for you?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!


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  1. LADY_in_MD says:

    8 | Was Jane the Virgin‘s Grease-inspired musical number just what you needed to lift your spirits?

    Yes it was everything I needed and so beautifully done! Brought a tear to my eye seeing how supportive the family is towards Xo and Alba singing please can we have more??!!

  2. Rdub says:

    19. Deluca can’t ‘drop’ the charges against Alex. He could refuse to testify but I don’t think That should matter so if Alex gets away with beating him half to death I’ll be pissed.

    • Wordsmith says:

      I’m pretty sure that you can refuse to press charges against someone who assaults you, but I’m not certain what the rules are for calling it off once the process is already in motion.

    • Nicole says:

      THANK YOU! None of them especially Alex ever gets punished for anything. How can you treat people like that and still have a friend let alone a job where you have to deal with children and their parents. That is beyond annoying. I hope DeLuca doesn’t refuse to testify.

    • PJnGa says:

      Does nobody recall when Jo beat Jason into critical condition?! Alex saved her ass then.. She hasn’t stood up for him… She needs to run… I’m over her.

      • Clau says:

        Right? I thought I’m the only one still remembering that.
        I mean sure, she did it in selfdefense. But Alex threatened the guy and that was that.

  3. JC1 says:

    22) I wondered that too. Also the guys pretending to be IRS agents decades before the IRS existed. (The 16th amendment wasn’t ratified until 1913.)

  4. schunjo says:

    4) HUGELY more annoying than scarey. I’m over Negan and his annoying annoying pattern of leaning back every time he tries cracking a joke. Doesn’t seem like the comic book translates well to TV. Can’t wait til someone feeds him to a walker and I won’t actually have to fast forward through the Negan scenes.

    • Sam says:

      I was going to type the same thing

    • Wordsmith says:

      That’s the power of Negan. He’s the most infuriatingly glib and cocky guy, and you are dying to bash his grinning face in, but you just can’t, because he’s holding all the cards.
      That’s why it’ll be super satisfying when they finally find a way to turn the tables.

      • Spence says:

        Love the OP saying the comics haven’t translated well for Negan, I would argue for the series as a whole. Since season 4 the show has been leaning heavier and heavier on the comics and the quality of writing has been sinking lower and lower. In terms of his “cockiness”, I don’t see it as cocky or infuriating. I see it as a one-note character trait that they tacked onto him in an attempt to make him 3-dimensional and “””complex”””. There’s no complexity in a guy who has no motivation for anything he does, and the scenes he’s in aren’t nearly as interesting as the writers think they are.

  5. RedReddington says:

    I love Negan. I find him to be hilarious (although what he did to A and G wasn’t cool). JDM is playing him perfectly.

  6. Leeann... :) says:

    15 – Just another case of the Mets getting dissed (personal opinion there). Apparently the writers weren’t paying much attention this past July either when Mike Piazza, the guy who hit the go-ahead homer that game and having that same home run almost always mentioned in any feature done this year, went into the Hall of Fame. #norespect

    25 – Oh heck yes. Just gives us (read me as a non-TWD viewer) another reason to hate Negan.

    • smschira says:

      Thank you Leeann! I totally agree with you and I am very glad there’s no Yankees fans on here clamoring that I tried to take away their moment by asking the question. They’ve had plenty of moments, we need ours too. But more importantly, if they’re going to talk about a real life event like 9/11, they can at least give us the actual teams that played in that game instead of giving undeserved credit to “America’s team.”

  7. Phyllis_In_GC says:

    18. By the end of AHS: Roanoke, did any viewers even CARE about the ending at all, much less any potential recognizable resemblances between characters?!?!

  8. Larc says:

    19- I definitely think DeLuca will drop the charges, but only to keep Jo from having to testify. As for Arizona and Eliza, I couldn’t care less about any sparks since I already dislike Eliza enough to wish she would just vanish.
    20- Another word for Bonnie and Annalise’s kiss: Disgusting! I can’t believe Wes is really dead, so am fully expecting some sort of trickery.
    25- An ending The Good Wife scene showing Alicia and Jason riding off into the sunset together would have definitely failed to make my win column. Alicia could do far, far better and not much worse than weirdly eccentric Jason, IMO.

    • Wordsmith says:

      re:19) I’m already disliking Eliza too, but the chemistry with Arizona is pretty electric. However, has anybody else noticed that they seem to have the same “swagger vs. eyeroll,” “I hate that I like you” dynamic as Nathan and Mer?

      • Stacy says:

        I don’t think Arizona/Eliza are swagger/eyeroll. I think they’re swagger/swagger.
        Mer/Nathan have been, but they have also been seeming awfully similar to Mer/Derek. Too similar for my tastes.

  9. David7118 says:

    17. The 1h 21m finale was perfect. It was such a roller coaster of emotion and showed such amazing growth of our characters. I loved every minute.

  10. Znachki says:

    16) Nope. I’m more surprised about the Nas/Kurt thing that semed to come out of nowhere and has no chemistry at all. I’m not even a shipper and I think it’s stupid they are trying to manufacture relationships to keep Jane & Kurt apart.

  11. dale says:

    #24 Why was Mom’s reveal that Roscoe’s not only smoking pot, but drinking as well, treated as a punchline? And do you think Violet is lying to Christy about her seemingly perfect Lake Tahoe life?

    I was more amazed that they remembered that Christy has kids. I dont think that Roscoe smoking/drinking was a punchline, but a longer story line that they are going to have to go into. I am actually interested to see where they do with it. As for Violet they basically killed any communication between mother and daughter in the second season and she has not been open with her mother since. Why would Lake Tahoe change that

  12. Luis Roman says:

    25. “TGW” lost me the minute Alicia decided to run for State’s Attorney

  13. kirads09 says:

    #16 It wasn’t obvious to me. Maybe because I just didn’t want to believe it because I liked the character so much. I do wonder though. Jane has experienced some small flashes of memories. Wouldn’t you think someone who played such a crucial role – saving her life and taking her in until she was better – would trigger SOMETHING in Jane after a while of seeing that same person again, day after day at work? Or has she only been remembering what they WANT her to remember?

  14. Kim says:

    Love Eliza and Arizona. They are cute and flirty. Hope they don’t kick Eliza out.

    • canadian ninja says:

      She cut a patient’s artery to create a teaching moment and she condescends to *everyone* about how they don’t know as much as her. It was like her intro episode was designed to make her the worst character ever and then the second episode was trying to roll it all back.

      • Jamie says:

        I honestly think the only reason fans are into her is because they want an Arizona love interest. Minnick is awful, and I’m genuinely confused how it isn’t against medical ethics to cut a patient’s artery on purpose to give the intern a chance to shine. That seems like some crap that should get you sent before a medical board.

  15. Kevin says:

    #16 – the million dollar question on Blindspot before it returns January 4th is who will survive – Patterson or Borden? If Patterson gets killed off I’m calling it quits.

    • Wordsmith says:

      She’s my favorite part of the show too, and it would be heartbreaking to see her killed off, but if you watch her on Critical Role – the weekly D&D game she plays on Geek&Sundry with her LA-based friends – there is a sense that she might not be so happy living across the country in NYC.

  16. Sissy says:

    20. The Kiss – all of the above. Hand raised. Is Wes really dead? I said that out loud when I watched it. Let’s face it, Frank is a genius at carrying out horrible tasks to take care of Annalise.

  17. DavidJ says:

    4. Yeah have to agree about Negan. He has some scary moments here and there, but the more he yammers on the less threatening he becomes. And I frankly have a hard time buying that his group is really as powerful as the show wants us to believe, or that Rick and Company couldn’t have taken them on with the massive armory they had, or easily set up some ambushes to wipe them out. Because with the way he struts around in the open (and brings his hostage along on a raid), Negan doesn’t exactly strike me as a tactical genius.

    7. My bigger question about Supergirl is what the heck happened with the whole Fort Roz storyline from last season? I wasn’t too crazy about it, but some kind of explanation would have been nice as to why the DEO doesn’t seem concerned about the escapees anymore.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Actually it was explained. In the season finale Non said his army was in their sleeping pods on Fort Rozz as part of Non’s plans for looking for new worlds to conquer after he was finished with Earth. After Non was disabled by Supergirl, Supergirl tossed Fort Rozz into outer space. So now all the Fort Rozz prisoners are floating around in inter-planetary space.

      • DavidJ says:

        Well the pilot made it look like all the prisoners had escaped years ago, and it was going to take the DEO and Supergirl quite a while to track them all down. But if it was only a handful and the rest were still in stasis or whatever, that would definitely make more sense.

  18. Alicia Gray says:

    Boy that Supergirl thing is annoying. Sometimes she’s in the DEO as Kara and others as Supergirl. What’s the point as being addressed as Supergirl in in there now?

  19. V.J. says:

    7. The Kara thing bugs me. All they need is one traitor in the DEO.
    11. Nope, because if you follow Derek Haas on twitter you will be reminded of it everytime he stages a Q&A (which is every Wednesday and Sunday…). I didn´t even realize that they hadn´t shared a scene in a while…
    16. I wasn´t surprised. It twas pretty obvious. It was even the guess in the recap for the episode where it was said that they have a mole! With more screentime AND the relationship with Patterson I would have been more suprised if he wasn´t the mole. Problem is: these two are my favourite characters so I kind of hope that the shot fired in the floor or something…

  20. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    I’m sure the Stephen Hawking toy offended someone. But not Stephen Hawking, because he had a cameo role in that episode. And I doubt he would have played along with the gag if he was offended by it. So if he is fine with it, I am fine with it.

  21. Mommaknowsbest77 says:

    23. Nah.

  22. Tom says:

    18 | Shouldn’t American Horror Story: Roanoke‘s Lee have noticed that Lana was a dead ringer for Audrey? (And since she didn’t, does this mean that when Lana someday crosses paths with the Tattler sisters and Hypodermic Sally, she won’t notice their resemblance, either?)
    Disbelief has to be suspended sometimes. *Points at Chuck* They talked about Smallville in like season one and then later Kristin Kreuk plays a character. Shouldn’t geeks like Morgan and Chuck have been like “Hey, you look just like the girl that played Lana on Smallville.” Similar with when we saw what Alexei Volkoff looks like. Or likely Chuck and Ellie’s mom, I forget if there were Terminator references or not.
    23 | The Big Bang Theory’s remote control-powered Stephen Hawking toy: Offensive or not?
    It’s up to Stephen Hawking. If he had an issue with it, he wouldn’t have been in the episode now would he? He’s proven to be very game. So, since he was in the episode, he was clearly ok with them at least joking about it, so I’m leaning not offensive.
    24 | Why was Mom’s reveal that Roscoe’s not only smoking pot, but drinking as well, treated as a punchline? And do you think Violet is lying to Christy about her seemingly perfect Lake Tahoe life?
    The drinking thing is a good point. Was Roscoe recast, or was he just wearing his hair different and has started maturing? I haven’t checked imdb yet. As for Violet, the promo for the next episode suggests she i

  23. Erin says:

    21) I’m groaning at the Ginny/Mike promo…can’t we have one male/female friendship on TV that is strictly platonic?!

    • Shipper says:

      Well Reade and Zapata are good friends on Blindspot. Also Carol and Daryl on the Walking Dead, Coulson and May on Agents of Shield (I hope that one turns romantic), Provenza and Raydor on Major Crimes. I think there’s more cases of people being just friends over it turning romantic. :)

  24. Stacy says:

    19. Nope, didn’t see *any* sparks. Capshaw was charismatic, but I didn’t feel the chemistry between them. But I’m not a fan of the new girl’s acting much of the time.

    25. If the scene had been that important to them, they would have contracted JDM for it. Period.

    • Krystan says:

      THANK YOU!!! I don’t see any sparks there either. I just don’t think they have chemistry. I love Arizona and want her to have a believable love interest.

  25. Eddie Ginsburg says:

    On the subject of PITCH, the only thing that ticked me off in the promos was the announcement of only 2 episodes left in season. A 10 episode season? Ginny, we hardly knew ye! 😟

    • ellajasper says:

      I know! When you are trying to build an audience, wouldn’t you want to keep them hooked for awhile? We will all forget 10 episodes before it ever comes back. I really like this show.

  26. John NYC says:

    “23 | The Big Bang Theory’s remote control-powered Stephen Hawking toy: Offensive or not?”

    As I expected: HAWKING thought it a hoot.

  27. PatriciaLee says:

    2. They might have planned it. 22. Wasn’t that an absolute hoot! I had to think, where on the ship were they stashed? The show wouldn’t be as much fun, though, if they had to conform to making sense plots.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      16. I got it…the mole was a way to keep us from anticipating the sister and brother interaction at the end. I vote this is the number one cliffhanger, EVER! Brilliant.

  28. Not a lot of surprises on Blindspot, but the acting is fabulous.

    • ellajasper says:

      I just wish Weller would quit trying to hide his accent. I sometimes have trouble understanding what he is saying. But I love this show.

  29. (4) #TWD Negan is annoying at best. Stopped watching after season premiere. The soul is gone after Glenn.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    23. I thought it was cool.

  31. Mike says:

    20. I still say they cheated with Wes. He was shown alive in the “future” storyline. They used him as one of the weekly “not under the sheet” people. Now they’re saying, oh, that was earlier in the night. I don’t care that Wes is dead. I care that they duped us into thinking he was alive. :(

    • ellajasper says:

      Typical. I think they have painted themselves into a corner. How can so many people do so many bad things and not pay the price? And Wes tried to be a good person. Bonnie and Frank, not so much. But that’s suppose to be okay? I’ve been trying to find a reason to stop watching this show, I think I have.

    • DS says:

      Go back and watch again. Annalise called him while he was sitting and waiting for the detectives. The immunity thing had nothing to do with the house fire, it was about something else. Annalise’s call went to voicemail. He picked up the voicemail and listened and heard Annalise say I’ll meet you at the house, she was still at Bonnie’s when she called, she stopped at a couple of places after she left Bonnie’s and didn’t get back to the house until after it was already burning.

  32. maregolden says:

    25. The Good Wife. YES, YES, a thousand times YES!!!!

  33. clintbrew says:

    7 i thought it was weird that supergirl was kara in a bar where maggie could see her drinking an drink that was dangerous for humans also i did found the stephen hawking bad taste but i want one

  34. Kennedy says:

    Love love love Arizona so I was excited to see she was gonna gets love interest. So far I am digging her and Eliza. Nice to see Arizona get pursued and get that humor back. Shonda ruined her character there for awhile but I’m glad I stuck around because the old Arizona is back! I can’t wait to see where this goes.

  35. Max says:

    #4 – Annoying
    #18 – It’s called suspension of disbelief. Used especially in theatre where actors play various parts.
    #22 – My first thought as well. Where did the horses come from?

  36. Mitsotakis says:

    4. Actor playing Negan is the worst choice they could have made.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Worst? Really? I could think of plenty of worse choices.
      Adam Sandler.
      Andy Dick.
      A CG composite double of Andy Lincoln, a la Orphan Black.
      Zooey Deschanel.
      Stephen Hawking.
      The list goes on….

  37. ragnar51 says:

    I have a question, was the bad guy on Sunday’s Elementary channeling David Schwimmer? It sure sounded like it.

  38. ellajasper says:

    15. I really wanted to love Designated Survivor. But could everyone really be that stupid about the bad guy? You just look at him and see he is guilty.

  39. Blindspot writers outed Borden as the mole the minute he ordered take out in Arabic. Besides no other character fit.

    Timeless is at it best with tongue in cheek dialogue like the Lucy and Rufus reversal.

  40. :-) says:

    Pitch – it’s to early for them to be together.

    Grey’s- i don’t see thr chemistry

    Mom- that’s how MOM handles everything. I actually like how they take their time flush out issues.

    HTGAWM- the kiss was off but also felt like Bonnie fulfilling a wish. I don’t believe Wes is dead. Sorry but you are going to have to show me a lot more to get me to buy it

    Good wife- you had 7 years (or 2 after will died) to come up with a proper ending. You blew it. Accept it and do better with yhe new series.

    • Eddie Ginsburg says:

      Definitely too early if even necessary. He should be friend mentor. Too old for her. Also troubled by brother. Are they also going for the too easy trope of bad brother making her risk career by throwing game. They should be more creative than that

  41. Eran says:

    20 – Wes is as dead as the ‘Cruel Intentions’ pilot. And that kiss was deeply unsettling but also incredibly brave in putting a face on Annalise’s (irreparable?) rock bottom state.

    18 – Sorry but there’s only so much disbelief one can suspend. I enjoyed ‘Roanoke’ as a whole immensely but no one can sit opposite an elderly dopplengager of a woman for whose murder you’ve only just recently been tried and stay completely oblivious to the resemblance.

    19 – Grey’s – for Arizona, I’m not feeling this so far. Very early days but it feels too “cast” and nowhere near enough organic. Grey’s prides itself on diversity and in many ways, it should but where it has been failing in recent years is the age department – how much more interesting would it be if they pulled a Sarah Paulson-Holland Taylor coupling and gave Arizona a love interest in the form of a much older doctor? I wish we had more of Catherine Avery. I wish Peter MacNichol were brought back, I just wish we had doctors of all ages represented with stories every bit as real as the ones given to the young, attractive interns and residents.
    Can’t imagine a scenario in which Alex is convicted and it’s not the end of the character, so no. This will somehow go away.

  42. HtotheB says:

    17 | Was You’re the Worst‘s finale, at 1 hour, 21 minutes, a little too super-sized?
    Not at all – I licked up every minute – like Lindsey licked Edgar’s breakfast sushi.

  43. KT says:

    #12: I’m totally taking it as a personal challenge to find the “Small Wonder” poster in “This Is Us.” I’m so glad you guys caught that credit. “Small Wonder” is amazing. I miss the 80’s.

  44. Angelstorm says:

    It was soooo obvious that Borden was the mole in Blindspot that I almost ruled him out !!

  45. Mark says:

    7. I must be the only one, but I actually find Alex’s coming out storyline the most boring and cliche thing they’ve done on the show. Granted, this is season 2, so hopefully they have a long time to do something as boring and cliche, but it is by far the weakest thing this season.

  46. Jerry G says:

    15). Seriously, all Atwood had to say was that he had confidential information for the president’s ears only. Poor writing on this point.