Teen Wolf Boss Previews Emotional Final Season for Scott's Pack, Talks 'Limited Access to Dylan O'Brien'

Teen Wolf Spoilers

The final season of MTV’s Teen Wolf, kicking off Tuesday at 9/8c, will have everyone asking, “What the hell is a Stiles?”

“We approached this season with the knowledge that we’d have limited access to Dylan O’Brien because of his burgeoning movie career, and thinking, ‘If this is the last 20 episodes of Teen Wolf, how do we give everyone a really big send-off?'” executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine. “We came up with this story that creates this big mystery about Stiles and the memory of Stiles.”

The theme of this final season, Davis explains, is “how your life can be affected and changed by one person, and what that loss means. It’s all about memory, and how memory shapes us.” And that “one person” is O’Brien’s character, who — as revealed in the trailers for Season 6 — becomes “erased” from existence by the dreaded Riders; their backstory will become clear “towards the climax of the season.”

(Bonus fact, via Davis: “The title of the first episode is ‘Memory Lost,’ which is actually a title stolen from a feature script I wrote a long time ago about memory loss.”)

Speaking of honoring people’s memories, Davis says there’s been a lot of internal discussion about “which characters we want to bring back for the last 20 episodes,” adding that Kira “comes up a little later in the story” and that her return is “not outside the real of possibility.”

As for fresh faces, there’s a hot new teacher — a redundant description, I know — at Beacon Hills High who happens to be harboring a supernatural secret. A really, really old one.

“We have a joke that Beacon Hills High School should be a lot better at background checking,” Davis says of Mr. Garrett Douglas (played by Pete Ploszek). “If they looked into his background, it would go all the way back World War II. … You see him in a flashback in the trailer, bearing his fangs.” (Suddenly all that talk about Nazi werewolves makes a lot more sense.)

Generally speaking, Teen Wolf‘s final outing will continue to push Scott’s pack forward, while still honoring the people and moments that got us all here — a delicate balancing act at times.

“There’s one episode in particular where we dive back into the past, for a very plot-driven reason,” Davis teases. “It’s hard not to start looking back, which we do, but we’re trying to stay away from the kind of series finales where it feels like a role call of every character who’s been on the show. We still want to keep it new.”

What are your hopes for Teen Wolf‘s final season? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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