Grey's Sis Is Alive, Right? Romance for TWD's Daryl? Five-0 Not So Stealthy? Legends Being Careless? And More Qs

Grey's Anatomy Bridget Regan

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Quantico, Jane the Virgin, Arrow and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Was Girl Meets World’s latest episode about binge-watching and entitlement, penned by Danielle Fishel, Season 3’s strongest effort yet? And wasn’t it nice to see Topanga factor into the Riley A-plot for once, rather than designated to an Auggie B-plot?

2 | Coming off MacGvyer’s latest mission, can we call for a moratorium on episodes in which the main character must go undercover in a prison? Or at least drop the tired trope where said hero immediately picks a fight in the yard, to “prove” himself?

tv-qs-blue-bloods3 | On Blue Bloods, wasn’t this Daily News front page positively demure? (Our NYC staff assures you, the real-world version would have been more a la “NYPD Commish: We Screw Up – So What?”)

4 | As Hawaii Five-0‘s McGarrett attempted to surreptitiously spring Doris from a CIA black site (wearing, mind you, no mask of any sort), should he really have been calling her “Ma!” in front of the detained guards?

5 | TVLine reader Teresa said of Saturday Night Live host Benedict Cumberbatch: “They had one of the finest actors in the world, and three out of four sketches were penis-related??” And if Alec Baldwin isn’t interested in impersonating Trump for the next four years, do you think Lorne Michaels will give the gig back to Darrell Hammond or find a fresh talent to take over the role?

Last Week Tonight Jaime Camil6 | Quantico fans: Do we think Harry is telling the truth about that suicide or not?

7 | Was Last Week Tonight’s exposé on pyramid schemes, which clocked in at 32 minutes, a bit too long? Or was it worth it just to see Jane the Virgin’s Jaime Camil show up at the end as “the more attractive version of” John Oliver “in every way”?

8 | On Masters of Sex, isn’t it odd that Bill and Gini’s kids went from having major storyline last season to barely being mentioned this cycle? (Mind you, this is a query, not a complaint.)

9 | How many Walking Dead viewers suspect (as we do) that the show is setting up Negan’s “wife” Sherry as a love interest for Daryl? And how badly did you want a bite of Dwight’s breakfast sandwich?

10 | Does Westworld‘s reveal that the man Ford implied was Arnold was actually a robot made to look like Ford’s father strengthen the Bernard-as-an-android-clone-of-Arnold theory?

11 | Why didn’t Divorce‘s Robert hire divorce attorney Tony Silvercreek earlier in the season, so we could have more evil Dean Winters in our lives?

12 | On Lucifer, how darn lucky a break was it that John Decker’s supposed killer took a photo that fateful night with a clock in the background, confirming his innocence? Also, who knew that Kevin Alejandro was so jacked? (Seems like something Arrow should have tapped into when he played a villain.)

13 | Jane the Virgin viewers, were you ready to pack up and move after learning that the rent on Michael and Jane’s multi-bedroom house was only $2,000/month?

14 | Would sitcomthe-odd-couple-cindy-williams legend Garry Marshall have been more properly paid his due with a full-out tribute special, versus a smattering of Odd Couple cameos and wink-wink-nod-nods?

15 | Stephen Colbert’s live post-election special: a horrible (if understandable) miscalculation, or an amazing real-time chronicle of disappointment?

16 | Why does Arrow‘s Rene aka Wild Dog not seem to possess the same “magical” healing qualities as every other team member? Dude’s been nursing that forehead gash for weeks!

17 | Yes, Designated Survivor instantly confirmed our fear, but still: How ill-advised was it to gather all of the governors in one place for a meeting, thus affording the bad guys a chance to take out another slew of government leaders?!

18 | Are we all in agreement that Grey’s Anatomy cast way too appealing an actress as Owen’s sister — Bridget Regan! — for Megan not to turn up alive and well at some point?

19 | Isn’t it odd that Big Bang Theory‘s Amy wasn’t the least bit titillated/tickled by Sheldon’s over-the-top Casanova act, even if the procreation aspect of it freaked her out a little?

20 | We’ve been loving Legends of Tomorrow, but…. legends-of-tomorrow-stein-jaxHow lax was Ronald Reagan-era White House security that Mick and Ray got into a state dinner with their inconspicuous heat and cold guns? And speaking of tech, why jerry-rig a listening device for the park stakeout when they have access to a futuristic time ship? Also, Stein isn’t familiar with “Doc Brown” but gushes over Star Trek: TNG? And (whew!) lastly, was Martin’s full debriefing of his younger self the show’s most reckless tampering with the timeline yet?

21 | Didn’t the promos for this week’s Pitch basically give away Ginny’s nude photo shoot solution to her hacked selfies problem?

22 | Could either Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj or Michelle Wolf be the answer to Comedy Central’s 11:30 pm hole (assuming @Midnight eventually moves back to, you know, midnight)?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!



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