Better Things Season 1 Finale Recap: Gender Studies

Better Things‘ Sam spent the first season of her FX comedy putting out the small fires that go along with being the mother of three girls. But in Thursday’s finale, all of the arguments over school and boys and such paled in comparison to Sam’s realization that her middle child, Frankie, is likely transgender.

The bulk of the episode found Sam doing her usual juggling act. Rousing Max, Frankie and Duke from bed in time to go to school. Finding a moment to “dirty FaceTime” with her recent hook-up. Wriggling out of a birthday weekend in Santa Barbara with her mom.

But when Frankie’s school called and said there’d been an incident, Sam found herself sitting in an administrator’s office: Frankie wanted to use the boys’ bathroom, and the school said no way. “It’s not that I want to be a boy,” Frankie told her mom, adding that she was grossed out by some of the goings-on in the girls’ room.

And this explanation satisfied Sam… until Max raises the topic near the end of the episode. “Mom, c’mon,” the oldest sister said, with a knowing look. “Frankie’s a boy.” Sam laughed it off, but then quickly started putting the pieces together. “S–t,” she said as realization dawned.

The episode ended with a montage, set to Alice Cooper’s “Only Women Bleed,” that included Sam climbing into bed with Frankie and hugging her close as well as all of the women singing along to the song while driving on the highway.

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