Quantico Video: Lydia Educates Alex About What the Terrorists Really Want

Is Quantico‘s Lydia a secret member of the rogue CIA faction or just the most chill escaped hostage on Earth?

That’s what Alex has to figure out — and quickly — in this exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c).

Picking up where last week’s episode left off, Alex and Lydia stealthily make their way around lower Manhattan while each woman calculates the odds that the other is lying about her circumstances. Lydia wonders how Alex came into possession of a satellite phone. Alex wonders why her former teacher didn’t get the heck outta there the moment she became free.

Along the way, Lydia drops some crucial intel on Alex: The sat phone contains a 25-character code to a safe full of encrypted computer drives, brought to the summit by attendees, that contain sensitive information. “They’re useless,” she adds… until someone like Eric Boyer decrypts them.

(In case you’re wondering, the past storyline in this week’s hour involves drone strikes, memories of Simon and a new intimacy for Shelby and Leon.)

But, back to the present: Lydia’s got a plan, but will Alex get on board? And how do we know this isn’t part of the Citizen Liberation Front/AIC’s larger plan? Press PLAY on the video above for the answers.

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