This Is Us Sneak Peek: Watch Jack's Soul Die a Little as He Takes a Desk Job

This Is Us Season 1 Episode 6 Video

Hey, it can’t all be fun breakfast chants and Froggy’s bathroom makeout sessions.

This Tuesday’s This Is Us (NBC, 9/8c) gives us a peek at what the care and feeding of three growing kids means to a 1980s suburban family. The first and most painful cost, apparently, is Dad’s dream.

In the exclusive montage clip below, we see Jack happy as part of a construction crew… then less happy when he’s forced to take a desk job to keep his young family in bananas and milk. As the years pass, we watch Jack settle into his suit-and-tie life, but there’s a dream that won’t die. Will he wind up following it? Or is Miguel (this guy again?) right in his assertion that taking a promotion is the best move for the triplets’ pop?

In the hour’s present-day storyline: Kate goes on a job interview that has a giant catch, Randall wonders if he went into the right line of work, and Kevin and Olivia find a “new direction” (per the official synopsis) in their relationship. Meanwhile, the ’80s flashbacks are filled with Rebecca and Jack wondering what to do with Randall when tests show he is a gifted student.

Press PLAY on the video below to get a glimpse at the episode.

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