The Great Indoors: Is Joel McHale's New Comedy a Worthwhile Adventure?

The Great Indoors Recap Series Premiere

The Great Indoors‘ Jack Gordon is the outdoorsy type, a Gen-Xer who prefers hanging out with bears in the wild and who thinks that people still fax. The digital division of Outdoor Limits magazine are social media whizzes who unironically love participation trophies.

The tug of war between the two factions is at the heart of the new CBS comedy, which premiered Thursday and which mocks both stuck-in-the-old-ways Jack and thin-skinned millennials like his new co-workers Clark (Superbad‘s Christopher Mintz-Plasse), Emma (Christine Ko) and Mason (Shaun Brown). Whose side you take likely depends on in what decade you were born. And in a moment, we’ll want to know what you thought of the new series. But first, a quick recap:

Career adventure journalist Jack returns to the magazine at the behest of editor in chief Roland (Bones‘ Stephen Fry), who’s got some bad news: Outdoor Limits is about to stop printing its paper edition and will be, from here on out, an online-only publication. That means no more funded expeditions into the wilderness for Jack, whom Roland expects to oversee the enthusiastic (yet young) digital content team.

This new position is met with mixed emotions on both sides; Jack’s hesitance to create a social media footprint means “It’s like he doesn’t even exist,” Emma remarks, while Jack complains to his bar-owning friend Eddie (Chris Williams, Silicon Valley) that his new assignment is lame. But Eddie points out that Jack might learn something from the kids, because”They’re smarter than you think they are. They hustle and know how to make money.”

Jack’s boss in this new endeavor is Brooke (British actress Susannah Fielding), Roland’s daughter, with whom Jack hooked up at a corporate retreat a while back. Things are rough for a while — Jack makes Clark cry, for instance — but the aging writer later brings a baby bear into the office and everyone makes nice as they’re all inspired to create new content that will engage readers. Oh, and Jack learns that it was Brooke’s idea to install him in the Chicago home office, which is interesting.

Now we want to know what you thought about The Great Indoors. Grade the premiere via the poll below, then hit the comments to expand your thoughts. 

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