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Grey's Anatomy's Caterina Scorsone on Owen's 'Dangerous' Love and Amelia's Changing Relationship With Alex

greys anatomy season 13 episode 6 post mortem caterina scorsone

In Thursday’s mega-emotional Grey’s Anatomy, Alex saved himself from the pink-slip that Catherine insisted Bailey issue him by coming up with a way to save a terminally ill cancer patient’s baby (if not the mother-to-be herself); to Arizona’s chagrin, a more confident Leah returned to Grey Sloan, specifically to study cardiothoracic surgery with her inspiration, Maggie; Andrew suggested to Jo that she could do better than “bad guy” Karev; and Amelia… good God, poor Amelia!

After pressing PAUSE on her and Owen’s baby-making plans, the new Mrs. Hunt lost a 12-year-old patient who’d been injured when his dad gave in to road rage, confessed to Alex what she’d never told Derek, Meredith, even her husband — the whole story of her son’s tragic 43-minute life — and appeared determined not to open up to her better half. Is not only the honeymoon but the marriage over? Let’s ask Caterina Scorsone, whose performance as the beleaguered doc was impressively raw.

TVLINE | Why is Amelia so reluctant to be honest with Owen?
I think that she loves him and admires him as a human, but as much as she talks a good game, there’s a big piece of her that wonders if she’s worthy of his love. Also, to give him what she knows he wants [a child] means confronting really, really deep traumas and fears for her. She was kinda hoping she could keep those pieces of herself sealed off from one another, but she’s realizing that that was overly optimistic and that, actually, the way over is through.

TVLINE | This feels very make-or-break for the Hunts. Is it?
She believes it is going to be for him. And she would really like to be everything he wants her to be, and she’s suddenly terrified that she can’t be. There’s no faking it, and she can’t live up to his expectations of what a wife and mother would be in his life. She’s going down the rabbit hole here!

greys anatomy season 13 episode 6 caterina scorsone post mortem interviewTVLINE | Is she just delaying the inevitable by keeping him at arm’s length?
At this point, she’s still very much trying to manage the situation. She doesn’t know why she’s reacting the way she’s reacting exactly, so she’s been trying to kinda keep it contained and when [she loses her young patient], it sort of all boils over.

TVLINE | And with Alex, of all people.
I don’t think she meant to say anything to him [about the son she lost]. I mean, they don’t have a relationship of that nature up to this point. But it was almost like the dam broke, and these memories and this communication that she didn’t even will to happen, happened. Now, there’s almost no going back from it, but she’s trying to buy herself some time so she can tamp her pain back down. She probably doesn’t want to be near Owen. His love is dangerous.

TVLINE | Does this change Amelia and Alex’s relationship going forward?
I think it does. She kind of sees him as someone who might possibly understand her feelings of shame and unlovability. She knows that, of everyone in the hospital, he’s got some demons like she does, and he’s been on the periphery. Right now, he’s actually on the periphery in terms of being stuck in the clinic and having this court case going on. So he might get her in a way that a lot of the other doctors who are so fantastic and sunshiny might not.

TVLINE | Will we get to see Amelia smile sincerely again this season?
[Laughs] I would hope so, but I haven’t read that script yet.

What did you think of “Roar,” Grey’s fans? Are you hoping Amelia and Owen still might be visited by the stork? Are you more relieved that Bailey didn’t sack Alex or concerned about Jo and DeLuca’s growing closeness? Hit the comments.

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