Will Ferrell's George W. Bush Weighs In on Trump, Cousin Billy on @Midnight

“George W. Bush” made a rare public appearance on Tuesday when he stopped by Comedy Central’s @Midnight to discuss the 2016 election.

Will Ferrell, reviving his Saturday Night Live “Dubya” impression, appeared alongside host Chris Hardwick to talk about the now-infamous Access Hollywood tape featuring a lewd conversation between the former president’s cousin, recently ousted Today show co-host Billy Bush, and “disgraced pumpkin” Donald Trump.

“We Bushes don’t act like that, OK? We have standards, and we’re raised a certain way,” he asserted. “We would never, under any circumstances, ride a bus. When you’re a Bush, you ride in a limousine or a jump jet, or maybe a monster truck called Sasquatch Express.”

While Bush 43 couldn’t condone The Donald’s behavior, he also couldn’t hide his satisfaction with how the Republican nominee has made him seem in comparison.

“This dunderhead is making me look great,” he said. “I destabilized [Iraq] but no one seems to care anymore thanks to the Bozo Trump… Folks have forgotten how I tanked the economy or how I didn’t get Bin Laden. Heck, even Kanye West said I hated hurricanes, but all forgotten now.”

When asked whether he’d go so far as to endorse Hillary Clinton, Bush would only say what he had planned for a potential Trump presidency.

“[I]f Trump takes this thing, Laura and I have a very comfortable underground bunker we can move to… while society gets overrun with wild dogs and racists. My advice is don’t let that happen, America. Don’t let that sack of rotten sweet potatoes anywhere near the White House.”

Watch Ferrell’s appearance as “Dubya” below, then sound off in the comments.