Gilmore Girls Trailer: Sad Lorelai, Rory's Guys, Emily's Jeans and 30-ish Other Things (The Pig?) We Need to Discuss

Gilmore Girls Revival Trailer Photos

11 am ET Tuesday: Netflix releases the first Gilmore Girls revival trailer.

11:01 am Tuesday: Our level of Gilmore excitement/curiosity reaches insane new heights. (Exhibit A: That pig, guys! What is up with that pig?)

And because we know you’re just as obsessed as we are about the upcoming series continuation — which will be released on Friday, Nov. 25., at 12:01 am PT — we thought we’d get your quick take on a bunch of moments from the two-minute promo. These include (in no real order):

* Might some of Lorelai’s ennui be because she no longer appears to own any fabulous wrap dresses?

* Emily is wearing jeans?!

* That shot of the dancers at Miss Patty’s: We die.

* No, seriously: Why is there a pig on the loose in town?

* Does the fact that Jess is the only one of Rory’s guys seen interacting with her mean anything?

* That’s Chilton snuck in there at the end, right?

* Edward’s funeral is going to end all of us, and we should probably prepare now.

* (Yet that giant portrait of him is hilarious.)

* If this shot sets up a Luke-Emily showdown, we are so there.

But enough with our thoughts — we want to hear yours. So click through the gallery above and to the right, then hit the comments: What Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life visuals/lines made you warmer than a cup of Luke’s coffee/madder than Taylor at a town meeting/more confused than Mrs. Lane perusing Tinder?