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The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Weighs In on 'Gnarly' Premiere Twist


Warning: On the off chance that there’s anyone left who hasn’t seen or read all about the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, this article is a veritable spoilerama.

In an interview posted by AMC Monday, Steven Yeun elaborates on his character’s death in Sunday’s The Walking Dead premiere, saying that he played Glenn’s good-bye to pregnant wife Maggie “as sincere as you possibly could in a moment where you are just glitching.”

Even if you didn’t watch, you’re likely aware that Glenn was one of two victims Negan killed during the episode; Abraham also found himself getting the lethal treatment, courtesy of the bad guy’s baseball bat, Lucille.

Yeun continues, “Glenn was fighting to find words and ‘Maggie, I’ll find you’ was a callback to another experience and another time when he really was trying to find her. Maybe it was a subconscious thought or maybe something he held onto for a while that was his driving force, and when he got smashed in the head, it just brought it to the forefront. There are so many ways to look at it.”

The actor describes playing the death — and keeping it a secret for a year — as “gnarly,” then reiterates a point he made on Sunday’s Talking Dead: If anyone was going to go out like Glenn does in the comics on which the TV series is based, it was going to be Glenn.

“For me, personally, I didn’t want anyone else to take that death, and I don’t think anyone intended to give it to anyone else, to be quite honest,” he says. “It’s such an iconic moment, and I knew it was necessary to happen.”

In the Q&A, Yeun also looks back on his fondest memories from the show — one includes being covered in guts and goo — and forecasts how Daryl may handle the emotional fallout from the episode. (After all, his outburst did cause Negan to wind up his batting arm again.)

Fewer than 24 hours after Glenn’s death, how are you feeling about Yeun’s exit from the series? Sound off in the comments!