Trump-Themed Law & Order: SVU Episode Shelved Until After Election

You’ll have to wait until after Election Day to see Law & Order: SVU‘s take on Donald Trump.

NBC is delaying a planned Trump-themed episode of SVU until after the election, our sister site Variety is reporting. The decision to delay came down Friday afternoon, as more accusations of sexual misconduct pile up concerning the Republican presidential nominee.

The episode, entitled “Unstoppable,” reportedly features a bombastic presidential candidate (played by Veep‘s Gary Cole) whose campaign is derailed by, yep, accusations of sexual misconduct. It completed production over a month ago, well before the recent Trump allegations came to light, and was originally planned to be the second episode of the current Season 18. But rewrites and internal concerns pushed it back, and NBC stated on Tuesday the episode would air Oct. 26.

Now when will it air? NBC hasn’t commented on the latest delay, but executives reportedly felt that airing the episode before the election would appear to be taking sides in the current Trump controversy. And don’t forget: The network is already under intense scrutiny for not revealing the infamous video of Trump and Billy Bush, which was lying in their archives. (The Washington Post first released the footage.)

Let’s just hope Olivia Benson can close this case for good, whenever this airs.

UPDATE: The episode has been rescheduled for Nov. 16, Deadline reports.

Is Law & Order: SVU going too far by addressing the Trump scandal? Should the episode air before the election? Hit the comments and sound off. 

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