Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump 'Literally' Stalked Her on Debate Stage

In her first sit-down interview since the second presidential debate, Hillary Clinton told Ellen DeGeneres that it felt like Donald Trump was literally stalking her during the Oct. 9 showdown.

“[H]e was really trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage,” Clinton said. “I would just feel this presence behind me and I thought, ‘Whoa, this is really weird!'”

The former Secretary of State sensed that Trump’s behavior was not a reflection on her, but instead a visceral reaction to the Access Hollywood tape leaked just 48 hours prior that found him engaging in an explicit discussion about groping women without consent.

“It was clear that my opponent, Donald Trump, was going to try to dominate the space almost to the exclusion of the people who were sitting there,” Clinton said of her rival’s strategy for the town hall-style debate. “I mean, they were sitting there so we could talk to them and that they could ask questions we would then answer, and because of the revelation of the public video and everything that came out on Access Hollywood, he was really all wrought up and you could just sense how much anger he had.”

Watch an excerpt from Clinton’s Ellen interview above, then tell us how you think the two candidates handled themselves during the second presidential debate.