The Flash Recap: Strange New World

The Flash Recap

The disapproving finger Joe is pointing at Barry in the above Flash photo? We feel his frustration after witnessing the crushing changes the speedster’s timeline tampering resulted in during Tuesday’s episode. It’s a pretty hard call as to which of the reveals is the most heartbreaking:

* Cisco is now grief-stricken about his brother Dante’s death, and he’s not thrilled with Barry either. “Now you want to be there for me?” Cisco pointedly says to his pal. Eek.

The Flash Spoilers* Iris is mad at Joe because he didn’t tell her that her mother Francine was alive.

* Arrow‘s Diggle has a son named John. (Barry, you got rid of baby Sara?! Oh, that’s bad.)

* Barry erased his kiss with Iris – again. (Perhaps that’s his punishment for all the havoc he’s wreaked?)

And that’s not all that’s different. Let’s review what else Barry broke, and how he made (some of) it right.

IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED… | Barry arranges the most awkward Team Flash dinner ever in hopes of repairing all the fractures between his loved ones. Cisco responds by arguing that if Barry really wants to fix things, he should go back in time and save Dante. Ouch. Sensing that he’s keeping a secret, Iris implores Barry to be honest with her or their relationship is over before it’s even started. Barry apologizes and then runs back in time – again – but he’s thwarted by Jay Garrick, who pulls him out of the speed force and into a cafe playing Dawson’s Creek in 1998, aka my idea of paradise. “We’re not gods, we’re men,” Jay warns him. Barry has a choice to make: be the kind of hero who takes the easy way out with a do-over every time he makes a mistake, or the kind who accepts the consequences and moves forward.

MENDING FENCES | After the talking-to from Jay, Barry reveals the truth about what he’s done to the gang. He offers to tell them all about their Flashpoint lives, but warns, “You have to live with those differences because I can’t change it again.” Cisco is not happy to learn Barry altered the timeline when someone in his family died, but he wouldn’t do the same for him. Iris comes to the speedster’s defense, because they’ve all made mistakes to protect the people they love. The tension starts to ease as Joe and Iris make amends. Then a super-powered Cisco – at least something good came out of this new reality! – rescues Barry from The Rival and Dr. Alchemy. Although they forgive the speedster, the team decides they don’t want to know about their Flashpoint lives. For Iris, it doesn’t matter what she and Barry were over there because “we always find each other,” she tells him just before they recreate their porch kiss from the Season 2 finale.

BRR, THERE’S A CHILL IN HERE | Cisco’s not the only one with powers. It seems Ms. Snow is (secretly?) turning into Killer Frost.

TWO AGAINST ONE | Edward Clariss’ visions of his other life in Flashpoint lead him to Dr. Alchemy’s location. The Flash is faced with both foes at their next fight, during which Alchemy cryptically hints that he wants to help people achieve their true potential because he’s preparing this world. Barry theorizes that everyone who had powers in Flashpoint is going to get them back for whatever Alchemy is planning. And whatever that is, he no longer has need for Clariss, who is attacked by Alchemy in prison

WORKPLACE CONFLICT | To top off Barry’s many problems, his new-but-not-really-new coworker, meta-human CSI specialist Julian, hates him. That’s baffling to Barry’s sounding board, Felicity: “You’re like pudding. Everybody likes pudding.” Hey, some people prefer jello. And Julian doesn’t trust pudding.

Flash fans, what did you think of the episode? Which tweak to Barry’s world was most welcome and which was most devastating?


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