Scream Queens: 10 Burning Questions We Already Have From Season 2

Scream Queens Season 2

We’re officially one week into the second season of Scream Queens — and we’ve never been more confused.

Ahead of Tuesday’s episode (Fox, 8/7c), TVLine is taking stock of the burning questions left over from last week’s season premiere:

1. Who’s the killer? OK, we’ll start with the biggie. There’s a mean, green stabbing machine on the loose, and for some reason, his/her sharp instruments tend to point towards the patients of the C.U.R.E. Institute.

2. How does Kirstie Alley fit into all of this? Maybe I’m grasping at straws here, but I’m thinking we may have seen a younger version of Alley’s character in the opening scene of the premiere. Could she have been the pregnant widow? Or perhaps the somewhat reluctant nurse, played by Laura Bell Bundy?

3. Who’s the baby? Another season of Scream Queens, another womb full of mysteries. Would it be too obvious to assume it’s Dr. Cascade? And speaking of Taylor Lautner’s character…

4. Why is Dr. Cascade so cold? Sure, his icy interior could be a result of the bad medical care his family allegedly received over the years, but I’m thinking there’s more to the story. Could we have a handsome Frankenstein on our hands?

5. Whose hand was given to Dr. Holt? Because that thing clearly has an evil mind of its own. (Theory: Whoever’s behind the green mask only has one hand… because the other was donated to science! And it was given to Dr. Holt!)

6. Why was No. 5 so suspicious of Dr. Holt’s Harvard tattoo? Could that “H” be a reference to something other than Holt’s Ivy League alma mater? Or does No. 5 just not know how to spell? Both are plausible.

7. Why does Munsch really want the hospital to succeed? Besides the obvious, “Dr.” Munsch told Zayday she has a “personal, deep-seated reason” for wanting the institute to thrive. Hmm…

8. Will the Chanels’ Netflix docuseries get a second season? Or are we just basically watching Season 2 play out in real time on Scream Queens?

9. Which Hemsworth brothers did Dr. Holt separate? There are three. And none of them are twins.

10. What happened to Grace? … Just kidding! No one’s asking that.

What are your burning questions after the Scream Queens premiere? Any theories about the queries listed above? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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