Secrets and Lies Season Premiere Recap: Who Killed Kate Warner?

Secrets And Lies Recap

Notoriously bad detective Andrea Cornell returned to ABC on Sunday for a second season of Secrets and Lies and Trench Coats. And this time… wait for it… she thinks the husband did it.

Following last season’s Ben Crawford blunder, Cornell (Juliette Lewis) is now on the case of Eric Warner (Almost Human‘s Michael Ealy), suspected of killing his wife Kate (Dallas‘ Jordana Brewster) during a retirement party for his father (Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn).

In Cornell’s defense, Eric certainly isn’t helping his case — unless you think it was smart of him to scream “I did not kill my wife!” during her wake. On top of that, if he has an “explanation” for being on the roof when she fell, why didn’t he just come out and say it? (Side note: When Eric’s brother assured him, “This cop is not on your side,” my first thought was, “At least somebody in this family watched Season 1!”)

Adding to Eric’s guilty appearance was the episode-ending reveal that he previously spent time at a juvenile detention center for (he says) accidentally killing a man named Steven Porter.

Of course, Eric isn’t the only person withholding information this season. Kate’s autopsy revealed that, while was pregnant with Eric’s baby at the time of her death, her body showed signs of already having given birth. (“Mr. Warner, you didn’t know your wife had another man’s baby?” might be my favorite line from the premiere.)

At this point, we don’t have much to go on — other than the fact that the killer must have been someone at John’s retirement party — but that won’t stop me from playing detective. Here’s my current list of suspects:

* Sure, I guess Eric could have done it, but that wouldn’t be very fun. Next!

* Maybe it’s just PTSD from watching every episode of 666 Park Avenue, but I don’t trust O’Quinn’s character. Sure, John welcomed Kate into the family in flashbacks, but that was before Eric inherited the firm. Perhaps he knew that Eric didn’t make Kate sign a prenup, and was merely protecting his family’s assets?

* I’ve also got my eye on Eric’s “buddy,” played by Witches of East End‘s Eric Winter. Every single one of his lines — including “It’s always the husband… except this time!” and “For obvious reasons, I don’t trust women” — were, at the very least, worthy of an eyebrow raise.

* Maybe Eric’s not-dead mother decided to crash the party and finally meet her new daughter-in-law.

* And here’s another crazy one: If Kate had her first baby when she was a teenager, I’m confident that he/she would now be old enough to push her off a roof. … But is this theory really that much of a stretch? (Let’s not forget who killed Tom last season!)

* Heck, let’s throw AnnaLynne McCord’s character in the mix, too. I have no real reason to suspect her, but I’d like to think the Queen of Primetime™ is more than just a third-tier character in this scenario.

Who do you think killed Kate? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your own list of suspects.

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