Secrets and Lies: Tom's Killer Is Revealed — Plus: Is [Spoiler] Dead?!

Secrets and Lies Finale

Within the first five minutes of Secrets and Lies‘ March 1 premiere, we were made aware of Tom Murphy’s tragic death.

In the nine weeks since then, the ABC drama has thrown so many plot twists at its central murder mystery, you might as well have believed that Detective Cornell herself was responsible for the child’s death.

So, if you’re reading this recap, you want to know who the culprit was — and I’m happy to get that part out of the way.

The person who killed Tom, it was revealed in Sunday’s finale, was… Abby. (Were you shocked? Did you see it coming? Was your first reaction, “Who?” Hit the comments!)

Here are the highlights: In a legitimately surprising turn of events, Ben was pronounced a free man (finally!) by Detective Cornell. After Ben was hit with yet another accusation — this time from Jess, claiming he raped her after the fireworks ceremony — Ben was brought to the police station, only to have Cornell tell him that she knows he’s innocent. Even though Ben once found Tom’s blue jacket in the woods, Cornell ultimately discovered the item in Jess’ laundry sink.

That said, Jess isn’t guilty of Tom’s murder, either. She may be a little crazy — or a lot crazy, judging by the pair of scissors she flung at Ben’s noggin last week — but that blue jacket in her home is evidence that someone’s trying to frame her.

Secrets and Lies Season 1 FinaleWhile Cornell tries to get to the bottom of all this, Ben and his family (even Christy, whose divorce papers he signed with little fanfare) sit down for dinner… but not before Ben heads outside to drop off his painting supplies at the guest house. There, in a ventilation unit, he uncovers a pair of bloody sneakers — Abby’s. (If you called Abby as the killer, congrats on winning your office pool, but I’m a little concerned about your overall mental state.)

When Ben returns to the house, panicked, Abby insists that she didn’t want to get in a trouble, because hurting Tom was an accident. She and Tom were planning to run away from home that night — the only way to end their respective parents’ fighting, they believed — but when Tom got cold feet, Abby chased him down and whacked him with Ben’s flashlight, which she’d stolen from his truck earlier that night.

Upon hearing Abby’s story, Ben does what any dad might do: turns himself in. Once Christy and Abby have safely driven away (with Natalie agreeing to stay with Michael), Ben returns to the police station and insists his innocence was all a lie. Ben did know Tom was his son, he asserts to Cornell, and knew it was only a matter of time before he lost his family over the ordeal. “Tom would follow me anywhere,” Ben lies. “I took him into the woods and I killed him.”

Cornell, on the other hand, isn’t buying Ben’s confession. She’s convinced it was Abby — “I’m going to put Abby Crawford away,” she says, extinguishing our hopes that we might hear her say something nice — but Ben tells her where to find the murder weapon and is taken into custody in shackles. As for Abby? As she drives away with her mom, she admits, “None of this would have happened if I’d gotten Tom to the river.”

(In short: The Crawfords have a lot of problems. Don’t run away from home, kids! And don’t run with scissors flashlights, either.)

UPDATE: But wait! There’s more! In an extra scene posted on ABC’s website — titled “14 Months Later” — Cornell tracks down Natalie and Dave, still hell-bent on getting Abby behind bars. Natalie will have to testify against her sister (which she agrees to do) in order to overturn Ben’s conviction, but there’s something more important at play in the scene: Is Ben — gulp — dead? The way everyone is talking — wistfully, and in the past tense — sure makes it seem that way.

With that, I turn it over to you. Were you satisfied with Secrets and Lies‘ finale? In the event it’s renewed, would you watch Season 2? Grade the finale in our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Joni says:

    I’m really disappointed they went the way of Gracepoint. I feel like I wasted 10 weeks for nothing.

    • Eric Roberts says:

      This worked magnificently w slight flaw though

    • tootsiepop6 says:

      I feel the same. What a waste of time. Just like Gracepoint

      • brandy says:

        Amazing & Tragic sad….I really thought it was kristy…..& Hello Gracepoint was a pervy.. pedophile friend dad.. trying some pedophilia on the best friend of son…this show was not the same sorry . .Pretty normal family although pretty normal problems…yet the makings of child serial killer Abby pre meditated the murder she openly admitted that..she even hit that child /toddler 6 times with Maglite have u picked up one of those that’s seriously some crazy rage . ..sorry I’ll disagree 2 different story lines….child serial killer in the making . ….nothing like grace point not to mention there are 2 versions of grace point the English/British same cop different partner . ..

        • brandy says:

          I can’t wait to see season 2……. Bring it…..

          • Mickey says:

            I’m with you

          • Kim Miranda says:

            I’m Agree! I am looking forward to Season 2 for sure!! I think Christy was cheating on Ben before they found out about Tom being Ben’s son… She is “No Stand By Your Man” kind of woman!

          • How long was the season finale , I feel like I missed something !

          • eli says:

            There is no season 2. It was a 10 episode mini series. Its over :(

          • Mary Flowers says:

            First I also thought that the little spoiled daughter was the killer especially when the detective told of the height of the person who killed him, and his wife ive been thinking the oldest daughter is not his daughter, I to think he wife was cheating the whole of their marriage, besides I think she looks to old for him, just a thought.

          • Kel says:

            @ell – actually there IS a season 2 it’s just supposedly gonna feature a whole new cast with Juliette Lewis’ cop character being the only remaining cast member from the first season :s

        • DYS says:

          You are disagreeing based on misunderstanding what Joni’s post was about. Joni’s comparison to Gracepoint was not based on a similarity between the two shows as far as plot. It was based on the fact that both Gracepoint and Secrets and Lies did very little to change who the killer was in regards to the respective series that they were based off of.

          • brandy says:

            Oh okay . ….I see….

          • Nan says:

            I agree. Their are similarities between this show and Broadchurch and Gracepoint. The murderer was different but I felt all along that there were similarities. You can all disagree. Plus, I watched the Australian version of this show and it was leaps and bounds better. Shorter but way, way better (they added a couple of episodes to the US version for ad money coming in, I would guess). Also, for the most part, the US casting really sucked. Watching the AU version, I guessed the killer after the first episode. Does that make me have mental health issues? I am not looking forward to another season of the US version. The only difference is that I liked the Dave from the US version much better.

        • Jade says:

          Tom was 5 years old, not a toddler. Just saying. But yeah, definitely a child serial killer in the making.

          • Mike says:

            i thought the “Cornell Confidentials” were optional viewing. I never watched any of them. If someone didn’t tell me, I never would have thought to watch the “real” ending. A very lame thing on ABC’s part.

        • C Frizzle says:

          Actually in the end it was a kid Tom that ended up being the killer in Gracepoint. Now in that one it was an accident. He was trying to hit his dad to protect Danny. Bu But still, a kid was the killer and parents covered. In that way, the two stories are similar. Both super depressing endings.

        • Stacy says:

          People referring to Gracepoint aren’t saying the storylines are the same. They’re saying that both remakes claimed they were going to do their own thing and have a different ending. Both US versions stayed remarkably similar to the original: they added a few episodes and merely tweaked the ending. Fans of the original series came away with almost no new material to enjoy.

        • Stacy says:

          And apologies, I only just now see I essentially duplicated another commentors’ post.

        • Kim Miranda says:

          i think she was probably afraid that Tom was going to get more attention from Ben then her. That little girl needs some help!!!

          • Wendy says:

            I think so look how jealous she was when Ben was around Jess even though her mom had a beau at the house. This child was ate up with jealousy and I have seen in person how jealous some children can get and they can make a relationship hell.

        • How long was the season finale secret and lies . I feel like I missed out on something ?

        • Gisele La Roche says:

          Agree with Brandy. This is a very good show with good actors. I really hope it gets renewed.

      • carol barker says:

        Not like Gracepoint. That was accidental. This was premeditated cray cray

      • Watch Broadchurch, it was made before Gracepoint and its the British version. Still has David Tennant in it he is using his native Scottish accent. It has two seasons and its so much better, so very much better.

    • Chris Mobley says:

      If you watched Cornell Confidential you will see that the older sister turned 18 a few months later and confessed that her sister had killed the boy and would testify to it in court. At the end of the Cornell Confidential you see Detective Cornell approaching Abby and her mother. A little open ended up Detective Cornell is set to stop Abby as she did her own daughter. Even Abby admits that she wished she had just gotten him to the lake then she wouldn’t have had to do that.

      • leslie says:

        would love to watch Cornell Confidential as have invested all this time viewing the entire series …from Canada. But none of the videos on this site are accessible from Canada.

        • Jenilee says:

          Agreed. I am in Canada too and I am missing the last piece.

          • ferphy says:

            if you are using google chrome, download the HOLA app, it allows you to view content in different countries

        • Gaetane says:

          I never missed an episode and I also was ruly disappointed with the final episode since there was really no closure and ye I am also upset that Cornell confidential is not available to us Canadians who invested all this time viewing these episodes. I just cannot understand the login in all this.

      • rangie1 says:

        I thought she meant if he drowned, there would be no evidence.

      • Adrian Cheung says:

        Cornell is ALMOST Correct.
        Abby claimed that it was an accident.
        But Cornell stated that it was Rage.
        Who do you believe?
        Personally I would believe Cornell. (Don’t Judge Me)
        Just because there were 6 blows on Toms head.
        And you won’t just “Accidentally” hit someone 6 times in the head!

        • Shelby says:

          I agree with u. Abby wanted to drown Tom but when he ran, she was so enraged she hit him 6x over his head. Abby premeditated Tom’s death out of jealousy. I feel Ben got beaten 2 death in prison since Natalie said “I want to clear my dads name.” To me Ben is dead & Abby is a sick little psychopath. Go Cornell & arrest Abby & put that monster in prison! I’d watch if there’s a season 2. This was NOT the ending I wanted, but BEST SHOW ON ABC!

        • Shelby says:

          I agree with u. Abby wanted to drown Tom but when he ran, she was so enraged she hit him 6x over his head. Abby premeditated Tom’s death out of jealousy. I feel Ben got beaten 2 death in prison since Natalie said “I want to clear my dads name.” To me Ben is dead & Abby is a sick little psychopath. Go Cornell & arrest Abby & put that monster in prison! I’d watch if there’s a season 2. This was NOT the ending I wanted, but BEST SHOW ON ABC!

        • I don’t believe that anyone accidentally hits someone on the head one time. Even when Abby was lying I was thinking yeah sure you bashed in someones head with a flashlight by accident. Tripped and fell into his head REALLY hard lol.

      • Betty says:

        Thank you. I just did not understand that ending and ended up thinking I loved all the shows except that ending which ended kind of with no ending. Now I will look on-line. Thank you.

    • Laura says:


    • MzTeaze says:

      Oh I agree with you. Not only was I disappointed that it was her but that then the parents acted like fools. Go ahead and protect your future serial killer :-(

      It’s sad when the teenager had more sense than the parents.

      • Stacy says:

        The original Australian version made more sense, IMO. The premise and conclusion seemed to hinge more on the undoing of a family, and the grave consequences. Leave it to the US to follow that to, “I should ensure my 12 year old receives no psychiatric care so she can kill again.” Ah, parenting.

    • john says:

      Is there going to be a season 2?!

      • drhenning says:

        Ratings have improved on this show so it looks like they’ll try a 2nd season with another case for Cornell.. Maybe if that takes place around the same time as the aftermath of the season 1 case, fans can have a complete resolution of it…

    • Mickey says:

      It kept an interest. I enjoyed the series. Willing to watch next series.

    • Kacey says:

      Um this is based on the Aussie series and in that she also did it. That aired before grace point…

    • Nika Zeragia says:

      completely agree, both of the shows are rly incredible would love to see season 2. Australian version ( original) ending is just as it suppose to be, American is different

    • Maguerite says:

      I just feel that we pay for our Cable (DSTV) and when we buy the DVD’s we pay for them and hollywood owes us good endings. The Sopranos were the absolute pits – I felt I was robbed by conceited people (no not the mob – HOLLYWOOD producers – they don’t take their wage payers into account. Parents should not protect child killers – those children have become legion over the years. Watched the Oscar Pistorius trial and the family absolutely believes he is totally innoccent when 5 hearing witnesses heard her screams. That is disgusting – not the judge – the family who protect the murderer in their midst

  2. Sunflowerparis says:

    I KNEW IT! That was an awesome finale and the extra scene on was the icing on the cak.

  3. B says:

    That was SO GOOD! Definitely praying for a renewal, and glad they set it up to have all the original cast back if a renewal does come. Very impressed! Only qualm—the ending was kind of rushed or maybe the scenes were arranged in a weird order. Felt a little off. Otherwise very pleased with this season!

    • S. Brown says:

      Okay, that is exactly why I gave the finale the rating because I felt rushed, but I would definitely watch Season 2. I totally had chills when Abby mentioned getting Tom to the river; Abby will definitely hurt another child and Tom’s killing was the beginning. I thought it was Natalie or the wife. Abby is truly a psychopath ..she planned the murder, entered the home, ditched the jacket, hide the sneakers, placed the flashlight in the car, then took a bus to place the blue coat back back at Jess; this is from the mind of a 12 yr old…scary! Good finale and I hope the show gets renewed: huge fan of Juliette Lewis. I can not believe how much I liked Det. Cornell in the finale!

      • Lisa says:

        I kinda thought it was Abby. I figured it was a jealousy thing. Especially after last week’s show. With the comments about her being Daddy’s girl, and her jealousy. The only thing was, I figured they were throwing that as a red herring. They never really shined a light on Natalie, so I figured they were avoiding her, because she was the real killer. I figured that Natalie could have the same motive, but being older, contained it better. Last week, I said if it was 1 of the 3 they presented, it was Abby. Just made sense.

      • Lauren says:

        I don’t understand the part about the river. Was she planning on drowning him?

      • Mickey says:

        Cornell was awesome

  4. Eric Roberts says:

    It needed to be way more satisfying. We had to develop what Abby said to her mom in the car about the river. We needed to see full justice. We needed more developed in Tom’s being surprised by the 6 blows revelation. We needed to see him learn of the bus ride & the jacket plant. We needed a full win for Cornell.

    • Kathy Nimitz says:

      For Tom to show any more emotion to the 6-blow revelation would not have been appropriate since he had just confessed. I felt he kept his shock in check.

      • Jade says:

        Um…it would be hard for Tom to show more emotion since he was killed during the first episode. You mean Ben.

        • DYS says:

          Of course they meant Ben. Mistakes happen.

          • Jade says:

            Yes, I know, but in almost every online discussion I’ve seen people keep mixing them up, or actually have the names mixed up all through the show. After awhile it is just annoying.

      • Sayre says:

        At first I thought Cornell was lying to get him to trip up… so when he agreed with her she’d catch him. Or if he insisted “no it was once” because that was what Abby said.. etc.

    • Lisa says:

      It would have been great for it to have a 2 hour finale.

    • Kerri says:

      They said its not over yet so theirs another episode coming because detective Cornell and Natalie are going to put Abby away and the mother knew her daughter was crazy from her comment so now i believe she’s going to bring her back and have her face charges

      • brandy says:

        No this was season finale . …..However I’d love to be wrong . …my dvr guide says season finale & above its asking if we liked season finale and would we watch season 2 …..the Cornell chronicles are great….

      • Al says:

        It’s not an episode, just a 5 min scene at

    • Miranda says:

      Tom was the little boy that was killed. Ben is the father.

    • says:

      That is why you need a season two!:)

  5. Fred says:

    Holy Crap! Abby is crazy….she is a serial killer in the making. Loved Cornell in this episode. They left it open to continue for the Season 2 with the same cast…didn’t they?

    • ninergrl6 says:

      On twitter a few weeks ago Ryan Phillippe said that the finale left things open for a second season but not for his character. At the time I interpreted that as maybe season 2 revolving around an entirely different case/family (like True Detective or American Horror Story), but now it seems like Ben just might be out of the picture (dead?) for season 2.

      • Secrets and Lies is supposed to use an anthology format. Largely new cast and new story each season. The only recurring character is supposed to be Detective Cornell with a different case each season if it’s renewed. Ryan Phillipe said more than once he was only doing 1 season. I believe the story is done.

  6. The extra on… made it sound like Ben was dead. What was with that?

  7. Kristina says:

    Not shocking. I guessed it was Abby a couple episodes ago. I feel like they didn’t have enough characters to make it complicated. And her getting away with it was a disappointing ending, so I hope it gets renewed. (Side note: does anyone know if the original version had the same killer? If it didn’t, it might be worth checking out.)

  8. pamill says:

    In the pilot Abby asked questions about “what police thinks happened” etc. that kind of gave her away that’s why I stopped watching after Episode 3 or 4 (I did watch the finale, though) because the not so subtle hints kept coming and I was sure she was the killer. Hopefully I don’t have to worry about my mental state and it was just simply a lucky guess.

    • Jade says:

      Yes, what does that comment about our mental state mean? It’s pretty obvious that it might be Abby since only a few hours after Tom’s body is found, she is asking if they can still have the Christmas lunch party.

      • pamill says:

        I was referring to the article : “If you called Abby as the killer, congrats on winning your office pool, but I’m a little concerned about your overall mental state.”

  9. jenilee says:

    It was clear it was abby in first episode. She found out Tom died and her only concern was whether or not they’d still celebrate christmas. She didn’t get upset till she found out he was her Brother. Then when Ben found jacket in woods a few eps later, he dropped abby off first, was in woods, jacket disappeared then he gets to house and abby gets there after him somehow. Still really enjoyed the show though hope next season features a grown up psycho abby.

    • Lambsilencer says:

      It was pretty obvious from the very lack of emotion Abby displayed in the first episode, and the way she talked about the murder that I knew she had done it. The only thing I got wrong was that I thought she had found out that Tom was her father’s son, so she killed him for another kind of jealousy. But jealous she was, and kill him she did. And I also knew that the version she told was a lie. She has all the markings of a psychopath, so she was convincing, but not enough to fool me. There was no doubt whatsoever for me. And no, I haven’t watched the Australian series. I actually didn’t really remember that I read about that it existed up to now.
      Looking forward to season two – if it happens.

  10. Ashly says:

    I was all prepared for tonight to be wrapped up in a little bow and I’d be on my merry way, but that’s not how the cookie crumbled for me. I’m needing a season 2 please.

  11. Jody says:

    but the trailer said there was one more episode……

    • cate says:

      I think there will be a season 2 because there was a trailer episode and I also don’t think Abby actually killed Tom…I think she tripped and hit him on the head and ran away and the person that hit him 4 more times and killed him is the person that bought and lined up all of those flashlights in Ben’s garage.

      • Emilio says:

        aahhh, did you miss an episode?
        The person who planted the flashlights was revealed like 4 episodes back.

      • Jade says:

        No, Abby definitely killed Tom and it was premeditated murder. She bashed his head in.

      • Shannon McMullen says:

        I totally agree. Think she whacked him once got scared ran away and it possibly could be fooling us. Disappointed that I can’t sleep tonite the way I was hoping!! I really wanted the whole conclusion

      • This book is closed. If the series comes back, it will be a completely different story with all new characters. Abby DID kill Tom. She even told her mother while they were in the car that she had wanted to drown him. The flashlights in the garage were put there by the retired neighbor guy who worked for the CIA. If you go to the final scene which can be found on the ABC website, Cornell finds Abby and her mother after asking Natalie if she would testify (she agrees to) against her sister. We are to assume that Cornell will arrest Abby. Case closed.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      No, it pointed you to the online extras.

    • Emilio says:

      Jody, it’s the REAL finale where Cornell gets the brat.
      Go to cornell confidential theres the last 5min of show.

    • Kim says:

      That’s what I thought! I’m confused!

  12. yo says:

    Did not miss an episode! Congrats to the entire cast & crew – specially Natalie Martinez.

  13. While I have no problem with Abby being the killer and the reveal that she is one stone cold psychopath at the end, I was frustrated as hell with Ben insisting to take the fall for Tom’s murder. I barely ever liked Ben Crawford. He either was going crazy, making wild accusations at all his neighbors, or he was blindly taking the fall for Abby without a moment’s thought. I guess my problem with Ben overall is that he was pure id. He just reacted to everything and seemed incapable of applying a single shred of logical or critical thought. Including listening to Natalie when she made the cogent argument that Abby needed to take some responsibility for her actions, particularly since Ben and Christy rode her harder. I get the parent’s impulse to protect their children at all costs, but since I have been so frustrated with Ben this entire season, the last 10 minutes made me want to scream. But I did like the ending when Christy realized that Abby planned Tom’s murder and her daughter really is a cold blooded killer. Deal with that Christy!!

    And you know the universe has turned upside down when I found myself actually liking Detective Cornell and rooting for her to catch the killer. And I actually empathized with her for the first time when she said that putting her daughter in jail was the hardest thing she did, but her daughter deserved jail.

    That being said, I might be motivated to actually check out the last Cornell Confidential, just to see if Abby gets what is coming to her.

    • S. Brown says:

      Ben really was impulsive and I shook my head every time Ben acted before thinking. Christy annoyed me the entire season because she seemed to only care about status and money and the very guy who only wanted to keep his family together is the one taking the fall for Tom’s murder. I understood that Christy was hurt, but she was always angry. I believe Christy wanted Ben in jail. I hope we get a season 2. BTW I really loved the maturity of Natalie

      • Jade says:

        I felt sorry for Ben, because it was so clear he was unjustly accused but Christy annoyed me throughout the whole season, between aborting Ben’s child (we never even find out why) and her ongoing obsession with money and status. I got the feeling she would have been able to tolerate the cheating if only he were from the same upper class background as her But a painter… that was asking too much…

    • Diane Miller says:

      I agree with Mysocalledcreativelife about Ben’s character. He was so annoying, stupid and impulsive in everything he did. I also agree that this should have been a longer episode to wrap things up unless they are really going to have a second season. I don’t think you should have to go online to get the rest of the story. That being said, the online snippet did make it seem that Ben was dead. So what gives ABC?

    • Paul Grady says:

      Wow,.You take this shyte seriously huh?

  14. JP says:

    No mention of the Cornell Confidential and the implications in it?

  15. Jonf says:

    I wish they had ended it here. Ben played the part of the village idiot the whole season. Very disappointing.

  16. LUVED this show!!!! Please let there be a season 2 or more!!!

  17. Kathy Nimitz says:

    I love these characters and want Ben and Christy to get back together. Natalie has the correct idea. If there is not a season 2, please don’t leave me hanging.

  18. valerie says:

    Secrets and Lies I enjoyed the first season and appreciate real TV…so sick of reality. I really hope this show returns for another season. I hate when you get hooked on a show and then it’s canceled so disappointing. Cancel these racket reality shows!

  19. Ann Parrish says:


  20. I loved the series I hope that we get a 2 series of secerts and lies.cause I watched it from begining to end and I need to know that in for the next season please..

  21. Jessica Cirilo says:

    I love this show hands down favorite show! I will watch every season that airs hopefully there will be many more

  22. Barbara says:

    I was suspecting Abby last week…. The show was great. The last line of Abby’s on “Cornell Confidential after Natalie’s graduation” was spooky! Will there be a sequel? Time will tell I guess.

    • Jessica says:

      I didn’t see “Cornell Confidential after Natalie’s Graduation”.. Was that after the “Cornell Confidential 14 months later”?

  23. GLORIA says:


  24. Beverly says:

    the ending was disappointing, Abby needed to be held accountable, the family needs to get together and do the right thing, Abby will kill again, she is phyco

  25. Meh. Not surprising at all. I guess her awhile back. And of course her dad falls on his sword for her. Wasted potential of a promising show.

  26. Tim says:

    Great show!!! Great cast of actors & plot. Hope to see another season. This fall!!!!!

  27. Clandestine Green says:

    Well, they figured out how to stretch this limited series into a 2nd season. They went back on their word and had the same killer as the Australian version and also lied about a potential season being about a whole other case. I am disappointed…this season could have easily been wrapped up in the time given. Instead, they will likely ruin it like they did Resurrection.

    • Anna says:

      In the Australian version, the OLDER daughter was the killer. NOT the younger one. I don’t know why fans keep confusing that huge distinction. It would have been Natalie in this version if they copied the killer from the Aussie version. They didn’t. It was Abby. The younger child….

      And unfortunately, I guessed as most fans did that it was Abby. So they should have chosen a less obvious killer. Not Jess/Christy/Nat….but someone else….

  28. leeann wahl says:

    I was able to watch a trailer in a survey before it ever aired..couldnt wait to make it a weekly show..cant wait for next season

  29. Jessica says:

    I guess I was completely clueless through the entire season because I never suspected Abby! haha! I wish we could have seen more of a flashback of what really happened after abby said that about “if only she’d gotten him to the river” and after finding out that she hit Tom 6 times makes me change my opinion about Abby. At first I believed it was an accident, but now I want to know more of what really happened! I hope there is a season 2 and with the same cast and maybe solve this case and then bring in a new case. Love the show!

  30. Joanie says:

    There’s one more episode left next week…not over yet…

  31. Vebes says:

    I enjoyed this show. The finale felt slightly underwhelming. They wasted a lot of time that could have been used to show the extra scene at the end or just more rich content. I didn’t love that Abby was the killer, but I’m glad it was not an accident. Much more interesting that she is a serial in the making. I like the 10 episode format that tv shows are using now. You don’t have to worry about not getting to the answer at the end of the season…the fatal flaw for “The Killing” a few years back.

    • Lisa says:

      I completely agree. I like the formatting. It also allows more of a reason for the network execs to let the complete season run through. Too many times, shows are cancelled before they have a chance to build a following. The 10 episode “limited run” allows a clear beginning and end in case it’s not picked up, and gives less reason for it to be cancelled quickly.

  32. anynomous says:

    That show is freaking amazing omg.

  33. Linda Richmond says:

    Love this show… PLEASE PLEASE bring it back

  34. Joanie says:

    This wasn’t the finale…Last episode is next Sunday….

  35. Frank says:

    The Cornell Confidential scenes did make it appear that Ben died in prison but then Cornell says the first thing they have to do is overturn Ben’s conviction … could they do that if he is dead? I’m confused.

    • J.B. says:

      Yes it can be done and it would HAVE to be done if Abby is to be arrested and charged with the murder.

  36. SteezyDolphin says:

    Nope, notta, no!

    First of all, as a mother, I’d turn my kid in. The fact that all three went with this little plan just irks me because it’s clear that she’s a sociopath – and if any one of my kids did something as heinous as that, I’d still do it. So I suppose I have a moral issue with that.

    Secondly – the Cornell Files made it seem like Ben was toast, so if it does come back for a second season – I am assuming he won’t be a part of it or if he is it’ll be in flashbacks. I hated how Christy is just strutting about with her murderer of a kid with some shopping bags and acting all surprised when it bites them in the butt. I wasn’t really a fan of Cornell until I saw that Cornell Confidential this week.

    I’ll have to rewatch it, but right now I’m bitter about it haha!

    • S. Brown says:

      All good points!!

    • Jade says:

      I think it’s pretty typical of Christy. If sociopathy can be inherited, the kid probably got it from Christy. The woman is cold.

      • Lambsilencer says:

        I don’t think she’s that cold. She looked genuinely shocked when Abby was revealed as the killer, and again in the end when Abby said that she should have gotten Tom to the river. She’s just throwing away good measure and “the right thing” to protect her daughter. For her, that takes priority over any moral dilemma she might face.

  37. Diana says:

    I’m still confused about all the flashlights lined up on the floor of the garage a couple episodes back, they never touched on that. Was that Abby and why would she do that? What a freak

    • S. Brown says:

      The military neighbor who kidnapped Ben staged the flashlights in the garage and Natalie’s boyfriend sprayed the graffiti. I hope that helps!

    • syairuhbrink says:

      There was an episode about that about five or so back. It was Kevin, the neighbor across the street, who was apparently a secret squirrel at one point for the government.

  38. Sandy says:

    Ben never would have done that to his oldest daughter, it was selfish and completely unbelievable . Invested a lot of time in the show and now think the writers failed in the finale. Very disappointed. Cornell confidential was even worse, now Ben is dead?????? Horrible ending to a great show. That’s it for me no season 2 if it is made

    • Lisa says:

      Ben is NOT dead. Can’t overturn a conviction if he’s dead.

      • Lisa says:

        I want to recant my previous comment. I just watched Cornell confidential again, and now I’m convinced you’re 100% right. Ben IS indeed dead.

      • J.B. says:

        Yes you can get a person’s conviction overturned if the person has died. If they can prove that a miscarriage of justice had taken place with Tom then they move forward with trying to get his conviction overturned. Or they could try to get him pardoned but I’m not sure how that would affect charging Abby.

        • Josh says:

          They would have to get the conviction overturned. A pardon would just be saying “you did it but you are being forgiven and released”. In order to charge Abby, they need to get a court to say Ben was innocent of the crime so that the case can be reopened.

    • Stacy says:

      Right? It has to suck to be abandoned by your parents because you refuse to run away and pretend like everything is fine, like your sister didn’t violently kill another child. It would be terrible to lose your sister to psychiatric care, but your entire family? Ugh.

  39. Mandy says:

    I called it being Abby because of the clues. After the original blood spatter was discovered and Cornell knew it was a woman, it was obvious height played a factor and Abby was the only one who height would matter for. Then once Cornell asked her about hearing her parent’s fight, I knew it was her. Perfect.
    I am disappointed to hear the online thing is so interesting because I live in Canada and can’t find a place to watch it!

  40. Kourtnie says:

    I absolutely love this show. I watched every Sunday and I was always on edge. If there is a second season (which I hope there will. E) I will most definitely watch it! I mean come on, I have to find out how Cornell deals with Abby and how Ben reacts to Natalie making a statement about Abby’s confession. I need more answers!

  41. adamste81 says:

    Was Ben killed in jail?? Watch the Cornell Confidential and it’s 14 months later and Cornell is talking to Nat all in past tense. “Your dad is gone now” “He loved his family” “Hey would’ve been proud of you”……weird.

    • Josh says:

      It’s heavily implied that Ben died in jail. It’s not uncommon for child killers and pedophiles to be beaten or stabbed to death by other inmates when the guards look the other way. Plus Ryan Phillipe said if there is a second season he won’t be returning. He said Ben’s story is over.

  42. omg this show was fantastic I loved it, Little disappointed with the ending but happy we know who was the real killer, But that little girl must pay for her crime ty for the wonderful show and I will and can not wait for the next one . Just hopping there is a next one

  43. laura says:

    Loved ben, loved the show. Totally believable with the exception of all the flashlights set up in the garage. Would have liked an explanation of that.💡

  44. secrets and lies says:

    Fine, the kid did it; but let’s flesh it all out ( no pun intended) with the motives, the means, and all the details . This is like building an 8 tier wedding cake, decorating 7 tiers with roses and ribbons and putting no frosting on the top layer. Good but not very satisfying.

    • Anne Flint says:

      Agreed – a lot of time during the show was taken up with red herrings & plot twists (which kept me watching) but at the expense of not developing Abby’s character. I wasn’t surprised by the reveal, given the blood-spatter evidence, but was unconvinced by the characterization.

      There’s no reason to think that Abby knew Tom was her brother (so jealousy over that isn’t a motive); there’s no reason to think Ben spent excessive amounts of time with Tom (yes, the kid visited a lot but Ben presumably would have been working – otherwise why would Jess pay Natalie to babysit? – so, that’s not a strong motive either).

      Abby’s motive could have been to get rid of Jess so that Ben doesn’t leave with her – but, that would have been triggered by the fight between Ben and Kristy on the night of the murder, and according to Cornell, the murder was premeditated. There’s no reason to think that Abby was aware of attraction between Jess & Ben, as their night together (prior to the second-to-last-episode) was six years earlier. So, this motive seems thin as well.

      For me, to be convincing, Abby had to have a clear and fairly strong motive that was integrated into the events within the show’s timeline.

      As an aside, I’d prefer that crime shows generally didn’t rely so much on mental illness as the underlying reason for the criminal behavior. (A) it contributes to stigma; (B) it’s the easy way out. It’s much more difficult (artistically & in real life) to deal with the fact that we’re all capable of criminal behavior under the “right” circumstances.

  45. Anastacia says:

    Because i’m in Canada I can’t watch the last 5 mins in Cornell Confidential is there a way around that?

  46. Gerry says:

    10 weeks I can’t get back. First of all Ben is guilty of being stupid, stupid each week in his moves and stupid for the positions he put himself in each week. I’ve been watching this and American Crime and quite frankly they’ve become predictable. Now I’m off to watch a real show: Game of Thrones…

  47. Chris says:

    The finale made me wish I hadn’t bothered with any of it in the first place. I’m tired of shows making the *least* likely candidate the killer, then trying to make it appear that they dropped you clues all along. I’ve already deleted the program from my DVR, so I can’t re-watch the scene right now to get the details exactly right, but there was a brief montage of shots from earlier episodes in which they tried to make it look like Abby took an unusual amount of interest in the case. That’s supposed to be a clue? That a kid took a lot of interest in a case in which her father was a suspect? They showed a bunch of photos laid out on a table, and then a shot of Abby craning to get a better look at them. Oh, she moved slightly! Mark of a killer right there.

    Maybe I’m just sore because by the end of the penultimate episode, Abby was just about the only living character on the show that I really cared all that much for anymore. Maybe *that* in itself should’ve tipped me off. But I don’t think I’m upset because it wasn’t anyone I thought it could have been. I’m upset because I don’t buy who it was. It doesn’t feel like they outsmarted me, it feels like they’re B.S.-ing me.

    I’ll find something else to do with my time if this comes back for a second season.

  48. Julie Boehr says:

    I’ve been addicted to Secrets and Lies since the very first episode! Best show on TV with the best cast!!!! Superb writing. Congrats to all. Bring on season 2, ABC!! Your fans have spoken (loudly). 😄

  49. Chelle says:

    They dropped a clue last week. Cornell was positive she knew the killer, after getting the blood splatter results. Cornell said “she” or “her”, I forget. The only positive differentiator was height, with the women being close in height with Abby much shorter. Dead giveaway.

  50. I absolutely loved the show and was completely shocked when Abbey confessed. But even more shocked when Cornell explained that she had actually hit him 6 times and was premeditated. Horrible. I really want tnis show to continue. It’s all I watch.

    • Sayre says:

      Me too! So sad Ben died. I wonder what they will do for season two? I really liked this cast! Ben was a great lead, and while I hated Cornell at first, now I love her.
      I assume they will keep Cornell, at least. ;)

      • Cathy says:

        If there is #2 I think they could say that Abby just hit Tom one time and ran away then someone else came and finished the job.