UnREAL Season 3: 9 Fixes for an Everlasting Creative Rebound

Unreal Season 3 Fixes

UnREAL, we’re on the verge of wanting our key back.

Just like the ladies lined up to find a husband on Everlasting, your reality-show-within-the-show, we fell hard for your charms back in Season 1. You were a funny, sharp, behind-the-scenes drama unafraid to skewer both The Bachelor and those who love to hate it — and you were on Lifetime. Lifetime! You were refreshing and fun, and we enjoyed your flawed characters as much as we adored watching them do dastardly, backhanded things to each other. Swoon. You were so dreamy.

But when Season 2 began in June, you’d changed. And while we were too evolved to think that we could change you back — that’s not how healthy relationships work, Oprah says! — we also didn’t immediately decry what looked like the beginning of a sophomore slump. Because growth is hard. And B.J. Britt is fine.

As the season went on, though, the edgy, feminist Lifetime series felt more and more like the over-the-top Lifetime movies our moms used to watch. We wouldn’t say the show completely Hot Rachel’d its white cocktail dress, but the episodes definitely took a turn that harshed our Season 1 buzz. So by the time Jeremy and his Grizzly Adams beard caused the car crash that maybe killed Coleman and Yael, the whole situation felt like Mother May I Sleep With Danger? (the 1996 or 2016 version, take your pick).

But with every new season of Everlasting — and UnREAL — comes a fresh start and a chance for something amazing. So with that in mind, we’ve pulled together 10 ideas the dramedy might want to try in its third season. Click through the gallery below to see what we’ve got in mind, then hit the comments with your fixes for Rachel, Quinn & Co.

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