Shameless Season 7 Trailer: Fiona Quits Mothering, Lip Struggles With Sobriety

Shameless‘ Fiona is making a life-changing declaration in the first trailer for Season 7: “The past 10 years I’ve taken care of every Gallagher in this family except one. I’m done.”

First step: demanding everyone pay their share of the bills, which leads Debs to do something questionable in order to get the money she owes her sis. (As for her wedding-day disaster, “there’s nothing to talk about,” Fiona argues.)

Meanwhile, Lip commiserates with Ian about their “sh—tty Gallagher genes,” which have landed him in rehab for alcoholism. But the elder brother isn’t going entirely drink-free.

“You’re starting to remind me of him,” V says, no doubt to referring to Frank. Speaking of daddy drunkest, he’s found himself a new family.

Read on for an official description for Season 7:

The seventh season picks up a month after last season’s finale, with the Gallaghers ready for another sizzling summer on the South Side of Chicago. The Gallaghers have always scraped by, but this season finds some of them finally getting a leg up, with more changes than the currents of the Chicago River. When Frank (Macy) awakens from a coma to learn that his loved ones tossed him in the river, he declares war – Gallagher vs. Gallagher. But Fiona (Rossum) is too busy improving her own life to worry about Frank’s. After last season’s devastating betrayal, she’s now moved on, a warrior, and nothing is getting in the way of her new life as manager of Patsy’s – including her family. Gallagher Golden Boy Lip (White) finishes up his time in rehab, and emerges with a new outlook on alcoholism and a grim vision of his future, whereas the once-unstable Ian (Monaghan) is now thriving as an EMT and in a comfortable relationship. Debbie (Kenney) is still figuring out how to be a good mom to young Franny, while Carl (Cutkosky) has some big decisions to face as he enters manhood. With Fiona’s new determination to make something of herself, will the rest of the Gallaghers fall apart without Fiona there to pick up the pieces?

Shameless returns Sunday, Oct. 2 at 9/8c on Showtime.

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