Dead of Summer Finale: Who Survived? And What Might Season 2 Look Like?

Dead Of Summer Recap

By the time Tuesday’s Dead of Summer finale drew to a close, only four characters remained standing. (And of those four, only three were actually alive.)

Picking up right where last week’s failed exorcism left off, Amy revealed that Holyoke hid the final piece of his soul inside Jessie, making her the only thing standing between Malphas and his long-awaited freedom. And because she now found herself outnumbered, Amy raised a few old friends from the dead — Deb, Cricket, Joel and Blotter — to help her win the most twisted game of Capture the Flag ever.

Following a much-appreciated sacrifice (R.I.P., Alex!), Jessie and Garrett discovered that Joel had inadvertently recorded Holyoke’s hymn on his camera, allowing them to paralyze their enemies long enough for an ax-wielding Jessie to put an end to Amy once and for all.

It was later revealed that Garrett died during battle, and that his spirit must remain at Camp Stillwater as the new Protector of the Lake. (When he and Jessie kissed earlier in the episode, she apparently passed Holyoke’s light into him.) And speaking of happy endings, one last time jump revealed that Jessie fulfilled her dream of attending Northwestern, while Drew and Blair began a new life for themselves in Seattle.

So, what’s next for the survivors of Camp Stillwater? According to the show’s executive producers, we probably wouldn’t see them in Season 2, should Freeform decide to order it. Instead, the show would likely jump back to 1970, the year Deb was a counselor. (Click here for more of the EPs’ thoughts on the show’s potential future.)

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