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Dead of Summer EPs Elaborate on That Killer Twist, Preview 'Intense' Finale

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Heads up, campers: The following article contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s Dead of Summer. Proceed at your own risk.

Following Holyoke’s untimely demise, the penultimate episode of Dead of Summer found Jessie, Garrett and Alex attempting to exorcise Malphas from Amy’s body. Not only were they unsuccessful in saving their friend, but they also failed to protect Deb, who met her own bloody end after a fatal encounter with Amy/Malphas. (Amalphas? Malphamy?)

To complicate matters further, we learned that Amy was behind all of the murders this summer, including Blotter and Cricket. Hell, she even killed her friend Margo; we learned Amy was on the wait list to work at Camp Stillwater, so killing her best friend was merely — as Grease‘s Frenchy would say — a strategic career move.

We spoke with executive producers Adam Horowitz, Eddy Kitsis and Ian Goldberg for the inside scoop on Tuesday’s twist, as well as a preview of next week’s nail-biting finale:

TVLINE | First, let me just say that “How do you like my Jordaches now, bitch?” might be the best line I’ve heard in a while.
 | [Laughs] That and the montage to Mötley Crüe have been two of the highlights of my career.

TVLINE | And maybe I’m easily surprised, but that whole Amy reveal really threw me.
HOROWITZ | This was part of the pitch for the show. When we first came up with the concept, it was centered around this idea. We’ve been building to it all season. If you go back to the first episode, and I hope you do, you’ll see a lot of little hints throughout.
KITSIS | When we did the pitch — literally a year ago — we ended it with, “Oh, and by the way…” and then we explained Amy. The theme of the show is identity. You can be who you want to be.

TVLINE | Since it was always the plan, did everybody in the cast know all along?
GOLDBERG | A few of them did know, but we tried to keep it as secret as we could so we’d get maximum impact.
KITSIS | We wanted to start the show with what you think are very familiar tropes, then you realize we’re going in the exact opposite direction. For us, another perfect example is Joel’s camera. Everyone thought it was the obligatory found footage — like, “Oh, here’t the guy with the camera!” — but in Episode 5, you realize he’s doing it for his sanity. All of these twists were baked into the show.

TVLINE | And poor Deb got killed before we found out what she did. Will we find out next week?
HOROWITZ | That would be the line that sets up Season 2 — should there be one.

TVLINE | Who’s going to have the strongest reaction to Deb’s death?
KITSIS | [Laughs] I have a feeling there’s not going to be a lot of time for reacting. They’re all going to be running for their lives, so as much as one might want to stop and mourn, they’ve just got to keep going.
GOLDBERG | Next week, we pick up right after. It’s full-throttle. There’s the aftermath of the events of Episode 9 to contend with; we’re still in the middle of a very scary, intense situation.

TVLINE | Given the ghostly nature of the show, what are the odds we’ll see Deb — and maybe a few other dead characters — next week?
KITSIS | I would be really disappointed if I spent all this time with these characters, and we didn’t get to see at least some of them as ghosts.
GOLDBERG | I think there are some ghost curtain calls coming.
KITSIS | Yes. They come out, we clap and then they all sing a song from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

TVLINE | Jessie seems to have an affinity for the supernatural. Will we find out why?
GOLDBERG | If you tune into episode 10, that will be addressed. It will make you look at Jessie’s character differently when you re-watch the first season. You’ll understand why she’s able to tap into the supernatural and why she was chosen to be that way.

TVLINE | And what’s Malphas’ endgame? What’s he really after?
KITSIS | That’s kind of what Episode 10 is about. Like anyone who’s trapped, they want to be free. Malphis feels like its in a cage, and like any caged beast, it wants to be free.

TVLINE | Are we looking at a cliffhanger next week, or will things be wrapped up neatly?
HOROWITZ | I’d say the finale wraps up the story of Season 1 and hopefully satisfies the audience in answering all of the questions we set up for this season’s story, while acknowledging that there’s a bigger story at play that hopefully we go to on and tell more stories from Camp Stillwater throughout the years. The approach of this series is that each series would be a different summer at the camp in a different era.
KITSIS | We’re very inspired by Fargo, the anthology. People will be connected. Season 2 would be 1970, the summer Deb was a counselor … and there could potentially be a Season 3 set in 2004 where one of these kids — if anyone survives — is now the director.

Were you surprised by the big Amy twist? How do you predict next week’s finale will play out? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below. 

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