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Big Bang Staging Flash 'Crossover'?

Are Leonard and Sheldon about to meet the fastest man alive?

Brandon Jones, who recurred as Andrew on Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars, is poised to appear in an upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory in what sounds like a truly super guest spot.

“He’s sweet, he’s southern and he feels comfortable in latex,” Bialik said in an Instagram post. “Brandon Jones, we had fun having you guest star this week!”

This, of course, wouldn’t be Big Bang‘s first Flash “crossover.” Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj all dressed up as the Scarlet Speedster in Season 1’s Halloween episode, “The Middle-Earth Paradigm.” What’s more, Sheldon can frequently be seen wearing t-shirts with the superhero’s iconic emblem.

Jones is the latest casting in a long line of new and returning guest stars set to appear at the start of Big Bang Season 10. As previously announced, the CBS sitcom is welcoming back Madam Secretary‘s Keith Carradine as Penny’s dad for its Sept. 19 premiere, which will also feature Kaley Cuoco’s 8 Simple Rules co-star Katey Sagal and 30 Rock‘s Jack McBrayer as her never-before-seen mother and brotherBreaking Bad alum Dean Norris will also recur as an Air Force representative who’s interested in the boys’ quantum gyroscope for military applications.

Have at it, folks: Does Jones have what it takes to assume the role of The Flash? Disappointed this isn’t a full-fledged crossover with The CW’s hit drama? Sound off below.