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NCIS Boss Answers Burning Question: Where Will All the New Arrivals Sit?!

You needn’t be a math major to realize that CBS’ NCIS is facing a tight squeeze heading into Season 14, seeing as one (1) desk has been vacated and yet at least two (2) new agents are set to join Gibbs’ team.

How will everyone fit into the squad room? “Well, we’re stacking desks now…,” Brian Dietzen, who plays Jimmy Palmer, answers with a laugh.

But maybe he isn’t so far off.

When TV’s most NCISwatched drama returns on Tuesday, Sept. 20, “Gibbs has been trying — unsuccessfully! — to find an agent to take over the empty desk [where DiNozzo sat],” showrunner Gary Glasberg tells TVLine. In fact, of the candidates sent his way, “He has burned through six of them.” Cue the arrival of NCIS Special Agent Alex Quinn, played by new series regular Jennifer Esposito (Blue Bloods).

“She’s an instructor at FLETC, the [Federal] Law Enforcement Training Center,” says Glasberg, “so she basically shows up and says to Gibbs, ‘What the hell is wrong with you?!'”

Quinn’s on-site check-in coincides with the team working a case that resurfaces long-undercover NCIS Special Agent Nick Torres (new series regular Wilmer Valderrama). As such, by the end of the premiere, Gibbs will have not one but two new team members. And a subsequent episode will solve the aforementioned seating problem.

“There’s something really fun coming up — we’ve rearranged things a bit,” Glasberg teases. “I think the fans are going to go a little crazy.”

And that’s not even to say what will become of MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves, when Duane Henry officially joins the cast in Episode 5.

Surveying the cast shake-up, Dietzen notes, “It’s interesting, because we obviously lost Michael Weatherly, and we’re so happy for him — [his new show Bull] is going to be on right after ours – and yet after 13 years, you go, ‘Wow, now we have a new injection of different energy.'”

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