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Wilmer Valderrama Joins NCIS

Wilmer Valderrama Joins NCIS as Season 14 Series Regular

This is one way to get those young female demos up: NCIS has recruited That ’70s Show‘s Wilmer Valderrama to join the Season 14 cast as a full-fledged series regular, TVLine has learned.

The actor, who just wrapped a five-episode arc on Grey’s Anatomy, will play a “once grounded NCIS field agent who accepted a deep cover assignment years ago and never resurfaced. Many agents don’t know he’s still on the job or that he’s even alive. Now, he’s back and his dedication to job and country has left him an unpredictable, charismatic loose cannon.”

In a statement, exec producer Gary Glasberg said the role will allow Valderrama to “flex his dramatic, physical and comedic talents,” adding, “Fans are going to see him like they’ve never seen him before. This is going to be fun. We’re thrilled he’s coming aboard.”

Valderrama’s hiring comes as NCIS heads into its first season without Michael Weatherly, whose 13-year run on the CBS juggernaut ended with last month’s Season 13 finale. It also follows last spring’s casting of British actor Duane Henry and 24 alum Sarah Clarke in recurring roles.

Thoughts on this unlikely piece of casting? Did you do a double take when you saw “Wilmer,” “Valderrama” and “NCIS” all in the same headline? Hit the comments!

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  1. crimibird says:

    Hoe the hell many characters is NCIS going to have in S14?????????

    • Tybois says:

      It’s gonna take alot to replace Michael Weatherly. “DiNozzo” was a character that was kind of an all-in-one. Dramatic, comedic, etc. Replacing him won’t just be one person, it’s gonna have to be more.

      • crimibird says:

        The problem though is oversaturation. There is a reason the majority of TV shows have 7/8 core regular characters and an extended recurring cast.

        • David4 says:

          Maybe they are planning for the future when more and more people leave the show.

          However I’d love if they got rid of the ‘new’ blond. I still think she is pointless.

          • william says:

            I love her. she’s great.

          • Jim says:

            I have thought that since the first episode she appeared.

          • Jim says:

            All she brings to the show is ‘fluff’

          • Amanda Lee says:

            Oh, give it a rest–she’s doing a damn fine job, the only “pointless” thing is the small little group of haters who won’t let it go. Slow clap for you, we all get it, you can’t have what you want so you continue to pile it on. Emily is doing a great job and her character has as well–go spew your hate and bile elsewhere…SMDH

          • Murica! says:

            I agree. She’s absolutely useless. That ‘Dear mr president’ crap was completely psychotic. It was one of the worst NCIS episodes I’ve ever seen.

          • lizzie says:

            Murica, you do know that she didn’t write the episode, don’t you?

          • Kathy says:

            I think she fits right in and does a great job.

          • darkangel200 says:

            I adore Emily Wickersham and adding Ellie B has been the only smart thing the show has done in years.

          • I am still truing to get used to her. they needed another weapon.

          • dlraetz says:

            I don’t have anything against Ellie Bishop, but I felt like NCIS lost its bite, the hint of danger when Ziva left. An unpredictable agent who spent years under cover might bring some if that back. Then Ellie can be a more stable influence against him

          • Jon says:

            Lizzie, if I hit that right, is correct. Emily Wickersham doesn’t write her own part. She is playing the part written for her and is doing it well. You might not like it. She may not like it, but there it is. You’re problem is the writers, not EW. Sounds like you just want more skin or violence. Try AMC or HBO.

          • KJ says:

            I’d love to see Ziva come back! She rocked that part so much better than the current female does. Hated to see Weatherly leave for sure. He was a highlight on the show almost every week. :)

          • tomus225 says:

            Zzzzzzzzzzzz! That is not for the actress either.

    • BJG77 says:

      I’m wondering where they’re all going to sit…LOL

      • eldon says:

        Huh? Weatherly leaves a chair. They hire one more person. Seems simple to me.

        • BJG1977 says:

          NCIS said they were also adding Tess (the FBI agent) and Clayton (the MI6 guy). That’s 3 people for one chair.

          • darkangel200 says:

            Maybe they’re hoping all the new shiny toys will divert fan’s attention away from how mediocre the writing has become? That’s the problem, not the cast.

          • GrannyRose says:

            Does it take three people to replace Tony??

          • dlraetz says:

            This article says reoccurring. So maybe they’re not in the bull pen

    • Laurie Merrigan says:

      agreed here.

    • Tom says:

      Duane Henry and 24 alum Sarah Clarke in recurring roles, recurring being the operative word. So it looks like Wilmer is going to be the series regular.

    • Kris says:

      The other two new characters from the end of S13 are recurring, not regular, characters. So they’re not permanent additions to the cast.

    • Hege says:

      Weatherly leaves, Valderrama joines. The number of castmembers are still the same. The two actors who joined in the last two episodes of season 13 wasn’t hired.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


        • meredithbrody says:

          Thanks for adding that Matt, I didn’t think I was losing it when I thought that nobody had confirmed they weren’t picked up.

          I have a theory that I’m not going to post publicly (because I don’t feel like being lynched by the NOLA fans today and they’ll get me for it) but I think I have an idea…

        • MMD says:

          I thought it was inferred in the article that they would still be recurring or is my reading comprehension dwindling?

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            People are stomping their feet here insisting that three (3) series regulars have been added. I’m just saying it is TBD on Clarke and Henry.

    • I don’t like the look of the new guy. He needs to shave! There are better looking fellas with that 5:00 shadow and he isn’t one of them!

  2. I’m done now that Michael’s gone but still what. This is random.

    • Kevin K says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Nobody can’t replace Michael Weatherly and it won’t be the same without him.

    • I love this show. Although Tony will be missed I will soldier on. I just wish they would turn Gibbs back into a marine. HE has gotten soft.

      • brown says:

        You either get soft or crazy when you get old and crazy wouldn’t work!

      • Gemini says:

        When Gibbs was shot by the boy, his personality was supposed to change–wearing button-down shirts instead of polo shirts, letting his hair grow, becoming softer to his group, etc. That story line never took off. I’d like to see the old Gibbs back.

  3. auntiemm says:

    Wow! Where did this come from? So neither of the newbies made a great enough impression to become regulars? This might be interesting.

    • Dmac says:

      No, I think they are still part of it.

      • KLS says:

        They are recurring with the chance to be regulars. Seems like their trial period is lasting longer then originally planned.

    • shermom says:

      Good point auntiemm – I think Michael’s part was so strong that another actor with his charisma should replace him…Wilmer’s got the stuff to keep everyone (cast and audience) on their toes. I can;t wait.

  4. Lore says:

    I love it… and because the other two agents are recurring roles, dont care… i think its a good idea to bring some latino flavor

  5. ndixit says:

    I know that MW is a big loss for NCIS, but three new regulars to replace one is overdoing it.

    • ndixit says:

      I see now that Duane Henry and Sarah Clarke were mentioned as recurring in the article. I though they were both going to be series regulars.

      • Andrew Hass says:

        No Duane Henry and Sarah Chalke were recurring in last season’s final 2 episodes and depending how things went one or even both could have been promoted to series regulars next season.

  6. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m going to keep an open mind and not judge this new character until i see him.Plus i hope the fans don’t compare Wilmer Valderrama to Michael Weatherly because i don’t think that’ll be fair.However i also NCIS will hire one another actor/actress and it could be either Duane Henry and/or Sarah Chalke.So this hiring might be a separate thing from that.As for how this character appears maybe he’s connected to a case Gibbs and his team will investigate in the season premiere

    • Terry says:

      I was thinking the same thing…keeping an open mind. I’m giving the show and new characters a chance just because I’ve been a long time fan. Loved the DiNozzo character, but who knows? They might be able to pull it off. After all, lots of characters have come and gone and the series survived. Tim McGee grew on me, loved Ziva, and the Jimmy Palmer character is holding his own. Still have Abby, Gibbs, and Ducky so I’m still tuned in.

      • eldon says:

        Well said, Andrew & Terry.

      • mazel tov says:

        McKee is solid. Can easily live without Jimmy. Abby I can live without. She has not grown or matured in 13 seasons. It is still “Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs” and Caf-Pow. Never warmed up to Rocky Carrol as the Director. Easily put a new face there. I thought John Cryer did a great job as Gibb’s surgeon. Maybe they can work him in as Ducky’s potential replacement. Bishop is fine.I still miss Kate.

  7. Terry says:

    More like a spit take. After what passed for Michael Weatherly’s sendoff, but was really more about insulting both his character and his fans with bad fan fiction, I don’t really care who they cast in any role. I won’t be watching the further destruction of a once great show, but good luck to them.

    • Melody says:

      I hope other shows learn NEVER to give in to fan service. The show lost its integrity by cater to lowest common denominator of the fandom and down the road they will acknowledge this mistake.

      • crimibird says:

        I agree with you here. Fanservice never ends well really.

      • Daniel says:

        Sweet cheeks… they didn’t. They came up with Tonys exit a LONG time ago And never deviated from course. Just because you didn’t like… it doesn’t make it a mistake … or “fan service”. Weatherly had fun with Cote, with Ziva… it made him a better actor when she was there, so obviously they chose to mine that time for one last story. Get past it… Weatherly has.

        • pAloma says:

          I would have preferred to see the finale storyline moved earlier in the season so we could have had some time enjoying Tony as a father to a little girl. What a change of circumstances for him. So I feel a little cheated there. And, really, the final two episodes were just blah.

        • Pete says:

          Cutie Pie, If they came up with Tony’s exit a long time ago and never deviated from it then they should stick to writing fan fiction. That episode, his departure episode, was pure fluff and nothing to do with NCIS or crime drama.
          As for Weatherly’s acting, “Ziva” did the opposite of making him a better actor, most of his scenes with her threw away his acting ability.
          Actually, no, perhaps it did make him a better actor in that he was able to pull off such rubbish with a straight face, compared to the drama and action he was given in the early seasons, before all the writers could do was link his – once so rich and nuanced – character, to her and soppy, soapy stuff.
          Romances for characters in a show like this should be sidebars to greater illuminate a character, not taking over the story with one character eclipsing another.

          • Vanessa says:

            Pete, I couldn’t agree with you more.

            I hated the Tony/Ziva storyline. She always treated him like crap and they made him fawn over her. The finale was awful.

          • Melody says:

            Amen! There was no true love. They had a freaking one night stand that produced a child and she didn’t even tell him.

            As a woman that offends me. Its funny how some women want strong female characters then always overly romanticize them with a male character.

          • Keith says:

            Blame the writers-these are fictional characters

        • Melody says:

          I smell BS! And you are definitely not a guy. You are one of those rabid Tiva Minions.
          You dont cater to a small minority of fans. ITS BAD WRITING.
          To me it proves the creators were scared of the Tiva fans. You dont give in to militant rabid groups like that.

    • BJG77 says:

      I’ll be watching & hoping the new characters will help me forget Tony DiNozzo (MW). I’m saying this only because I don’t want to remember what they did to Tony in the SF13. It was a disgrace.

    • teresa says:

      with you there, Terry! Looks to me like GG is really just going nuts trying to undo what’s already been done — irreparable!

  8. Cat says:

    “This is one way to get those young female demos up: NCIS has recruited That ’70s Show‘s Wilmer Valderrama to join the Season 14 cast as a full-fledged series regular, TVLine has learned.” So….the rest of us fans who have watched faithfully over 13 yrs mean nothing???
    We had two good characters introduced at the end of last season…don’t need someone else coming in and kicking them out (making them recurring rather than regulars).

    When are the idiots going to realize that 18-34 year old females are NOT the main TV audience.

  9. Murica! says:

    Weird casting. I can’t picture him as a part of the team.

    I thought one of the other two was going to become a series regular. I would rather have Sarah Clarke as the new team member than Valderrama.

  10. Kate Tibbs says:

    This is so random.
    I was prepared to give S14 a shot but now…..

  11. Gramercy says:

    And I’m going to start watching NCIS regularly again!
    I love this
    He was amazing Grey’s Anatomy
    I totally can see him doing drama with that comedy.

    I did not like the girl character (Sarah Clarke) they tried to add but the British guy wasn’t bad. He didn’t stand out but there was a lot going on.

    • grazelled says:

      I was impressed with his time on Grey’s otherwise I would never think he could play a dramatic role so well. Having a comedy background will also help.

      Nobody will replace Tony but I after seeing him on Grey’s I think he’ll fit in better with the team than the other two from last season. Maybe it’s because they used up Tony’s time or something else but I wasn’t that impressed with either one to be a permanent part of the team. Of the two, I liked the British guy the best so hope he’s on the most.

    • Gemini says:

      I didn’t really like the two new characters they added for the last two episodes. The British guy wasn’t bad, but there were times when I couldn’t hear or understand what he was saying. Sarah Clarke tried to hard to be tough and it just didn’t work for me. I’d like to give Valderrama a chance so I’ll tune in initially.

  12. Jennifer says:

    And with that, RIP NCIS. It’s a good thing that you were renewed for 2 years, otherwise it his would be the last season. Again, RIP to a once great show.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      LOL .

    • TraciWallters says:

      Ncis has sucked since Ziva left. That new girl should have been killed off by now. She adds nothing. No dimension. Her big story arc was getting a divorce. Smh!

      • cienna says:

        Actually the show was fine when Ziva left. The show is called NCIS and not the TIVA Show.

        • Kathy says:

          We’ve been trying to tell them that for years. I agree it did get better after z left, they should have killed her off then. And just in case someone has a question, I’m talking about the fictional character z, NOT the actress that played her, when I say they should have killed her off as soon as she left.

        • Pete says:

          The show improved briefly, after Ziva left, and then it became clear that the writers have very little idea about the legacy Bellisario left them of rich and nuanced characters – instead they have all been written as one-dimensional caricatures for too long. Sad really.

      • Amanda Lee says:

        That’s your opinion. I love Emily’s character and it’s only in your mind that it has “sucked” since “Ziva” left. Want to toss blame around? Go write Cote, she’s the one who walked away. Towards the end it was more like a soap opera instead of NCIS. If you don’t want to watch it, learn how your remote works and change the damn channel….want some cheese to go along with your whine??

        • PamC says:

          And that, Amanda, is your opinion. Can you blame Ziva for leaving after what Glasburg did to her character.

          • tomus225 says:

            …Did to HER character? Really! If someone paid me outlandish amounts of money for “playing” a part I believe I could show up happy every morning, do my job and skip out every evening with a big ole smile on my face!!

  13. Matthew says:

    Pretty stupid idea. One cast member leaves and you cast three to take his place. Amazing show but stupid move on their part.

  14. KLS says:

    This is a good addition, a surprise though. I didn’t like either of the two new agents that they tried out last year. Sarah Clarke’s character was too abrasive and Duane Henry was trying too hard to fit in (or the rest of the cast was trying too hard for us to like him with too many smirks and slide ways glances). We’ll see how this one works out.
    And as to a comment above, NCIS’s prime audience are 25-49 female.

  15. Kim R says:

    I think this is a great fit. Very much looking forward to the new season.

  16. No!!!!! Ugh. Not happy.

  17. Jen says:

    Who is going to teach all the mother’s and grandmother’s in the audience how to pronounce Wilmer Valderrama.

    • Maria says:

      I’m a mom and I’ve pretty much got the pronunciation thing figured out. I also know who he is and quite a bit about his acting career. But thanks for insulting all the moms’ collective intelligence. As a mom, I’ve also taught my children how to speak respectfully to…and about…people. You seem to have missed that lesson, dear.

    • watch what you say about the older people (if you are lucky you will be one some day)also you think the fathers and grandfathers will do better?

    • Eurydice says:

      LOL, print this out and save it for the day some kid calls you “Ma’am” and offers you a seat on bus – it’ll happen sooner than you think.

  18. readenreply says:

    his 70’s shows royalty checks must be getting smaller, this dude hardly ever works, well acts.

    • Dysturbed says:

      I’m not much of a fan, but it isn’t true that he hardly ever works. He has acted (how good or bad is based on opinion) consistently post that 70’s Show. The last couple of years alone he recurred on Greys and was a regular on the From Dusk Til Dawn Series and (the failed) Minority Report series.

    • Eric H says:

      Since the end of That 70s Show in 2006, I count 18 TV shows and 12 films that’s he’s either starred, recurred, or guested on. That’s plenty of work to keep checks coming in.

  19. tomus225 says:

    I don’t know this guy, even tho I watch Grey’s Anatomy. Since I don’t mind Tony being off the sceen this character could be interesting. I do look forward to seeing MW in Bull!

    • grazelled says:

      On Grey’s he was the guitar player that needed brain surgery and fell in love with Dr. Stephanie Edwards who broke up with him in a letter this season.

  20. Sarah says:

    For real? NCIS usually casts good actors!

  21. peterwdawson says:

    Hopefully he catches a break. Wilmer’s not had the best luck lately aside from guest spots.

  22. Bob says:

    Sorry I have not been impressed by anything Valderrama has been in. Darn sure don’t need him screwing up NCIS

  23. Bella says:

    I’m going to miss Tony so much. But I think Wilmer might be a great addition. He can do comedy and drama.

  24. Juanita Hackson says:

    I can’t stand him. Well no more NCIS for me.

  25. dan says:

    Very Special Agent Fez….you’ve gone too far this time, Michael! And April was two months ago. And I said good day!

  26. macaw says:

    Please don’t do the fad thing. Duane Henry is an awful actor.

  27. Gordy says:

    Sure seem to be in a hurry to fill the void, left by Tony and they just kept adding people.

  28. Miffy says:

    Id rather see Wilmer Flintstone b

  29. PatriciaLee says:

    Valderrama did a very good job on Awake and Minority Report. I can see him in this role, and it could be a fun watch. The husband says, “Give him a chance. The kid has charisma.”

    • Sarah says:

      Are you serious? Minority Report was one of the worst show in recent memory, and he even stood out as especially bad with his flat, wooden delivery.

  30. Carlos Lee says:

    They should add Coastie cop Abigail Borne as a regular character.

  31. Fez can never replace DiNozzo.

  32. Phil McCracken says:

    There goes a lot of the interest that I had for the show. The blonde has just never gelled in with the rest of the cast. Then with Michael leaving, that was going to leave a big hole in the show. Then they sign this (beeping) idiot??!!Watching reruns on USA network will be more fun to watch then the new episodes.

  33. william says:

    bad move!

  34. Anja says:

    can one of these new people replace that blonde? She is the most boring character ever, and a really, really bad actress.

  35. Jim says:

    I’m going to reserve judgment on Valderrama’s inclusion in the cast. I am, however, very glad that ‘skirt’ & the Brit are only going to have occasional visits. I have always thought that Diane Neal, CGIS agent Abigail Boren would have been a great addition to the cast to play opposite Jethro, and still think that.

  36. So were going from DiNozzo to Fez?? Sorry, the guy is always going to be Fez to me. They should bring in Kelso too…at least he was a cop.

  37. Kate says:

    Okay, now I’m more interested … slightly. At least more willing to give S14 a looksee. Michael Weatherly was my total favorite on NCIS and I was planning on marginal viewing next year. Now my interest peaked a bit…

  38. Rob Horine says:

    FEZ? FREAKING FEZ? RIP NCIS 2003-2017.

    • 'A' says:

      Well, the show has been renewed until 2018 so… We still get 2 more seasons and even then, I’m sure they’ll be fine. It’s not bad at all.

  39. Bruzer51 says:

    Wilmer Valderrama…really? The middle-aged people that really watch NCIS know who he is, and remember him from that 70’s show. He was moron then, and nothing has changed. Sarah Clarke is a much better choice. That’s it for me! Season 13 was my last.

  40. Well that was unexpected. I’m in.

  41. tomus225 says:

    They usually start filming in July, so they had to get casting finished!

  42. Eric H says:

    With how many potential characters they’re adding, it seems like they’re creating characters hoping that at least one or two can fill roles left by Weatherly. It’s really not a bad plan since you never know which characters fans will like or gel with the rest of the cast.

  43. tomus225 says:

    Thanks. I remember that character and thought his acting was fine. It will be interesting to see how his character developes.

  44. Karen says:

    Good grief, three new characters? Does that mean we will be seeing less and less of Ducky, Abby, McGeek and Gibbs in each episode? I am sure Bishop will still be around since the producers and writers seem to love the blonde know it all. The characters made the show. All new people spells demise for the show.

    • PamC says:

      No, you will see Gibbs front and center, capturing all the terrorists in DC and the Middle East. Look for the others to have minimal roles.

  45. 'A' says:

    I’m not sure if you’ll see this but any news on Sarah and Duane? It seems people are confused on whether or not you meant them being recurring last season or the upcoming one. Will they also be series regulars or has a decision not been made yet? Thanks! :)

  46. yuck to this , They do do not put Clayton in im gone .. this one there worst choice they made …bye bye bye ncis

  47. Laurie Merrigan says:

    i LOVE NCIS . my absolute fav. but i can’t take this guy seriously to save my life and i think they are hiring too many to try to take Weatherly’s place. the guy is irreplaceable. Regardless. i’m a diehard harmon fan as well as the rest of the original cast. i will be tuning in..via dvr…lol…much luck to weatherly and to harmon. .

  48. Kathy Baker says:

    At first I thought no way, but the more I think about it, the more I think he might fit in.The character sounds interesting, at least. No offense to Duane Henry but his character is in no way a fit for NCIS. MI-6, really? Hope they find a match sooner rather than later, I’d hate to see such a great show scrambling to put in characters that don’t fit the family just for the sake of ‘replacing” DiNozzo. Who said they have to do a quick fix replacement, anyway?

  49. tomus225 says:

    ITA! Quit complaining and just be GONE!

  50. lizzie says:

    I hate that guy…. Nothing worse than an actor I loved being replaced by an actor I hate.