Game of Thrones Star: 'S--t Gets Real' in Season 7 — Plus: New Character Intel

Game of Thrones Season 7 Cast Characters

A girl does not mince words.

“Just finished reading Season 7,” Game of ThronesMaisie Williams tweeted Monday. “S–t gets real.”

She added:

And because we’ve learned that going against Arya Stark is a bad idea (too soon, Walder Frey?), we’ve started getting ready for the upcoming season — which will premiere next summer — by carefully scrutinizing some recently released casting descriptions.

Thanks to Watchers on the Wall, we know that the HBO drama is seeking to fill a bunch of roles, including:

* A 35- to 45-year-old “warrior,” to be played by a white actor with good fighting skills; the role has a “considerable” amount of dialogue.

* A “priest,” to be played by a white actor in his 60s who can do the received pronunciation (or “RP”) accent, which is the accent most of the King’s Landing-based characters use.

* A young-ish “gate guard,” who is described as a “confident, characterful, straight-talking Northern lad with a great face to play across a very excellent series of scenes.”

* A 40-something “merchant,” who will show up at an inn; the role is flexible in terms of appearance, meaning that it’s possible the character will appear in a location outside of King’s Landing.

* A non-white/of Middle Eastern descent “lieutenant” in his 20s who is athletic and a warrior. (This one’s gotta be Dothraki, right?)

Production on Thrones‘ seventh season will commence later this summer in Northern Ireland. Additional shooting locations include Spain and Iceland. And because the series has now moved beyond George R. R. Martin’s published work, it’s a little tougher to figure out who these for-now-generically-named characters may be. But like Melisandre and R’hllor, we have faith in you. So hit the comments with your thoughts on who these roles may really be!

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