Power Sneak Peek: Ghost Learns Holly Was Pregnant — Will He Tell Tommy?

Power‘s Tasha doesn’t know exactly what’s up between a newly (and mysteriously) reunited Ghost and Tommy, but in this exclusive sneak peek from Sunday’s episode (Starz, 9/8c), she does have some crucial intel about the late Ms. Holly.

“What happened, they break up?” Tasha asks her estranged husband, jumping to her own conclusion. “She told him about the baby. He f–ked it up, right?” [Cue Ghost nearly choking on his drink.]

While Ghost and Tasha talk, Tommy drinks out in the background. And if Mr. Egan seems like he’s in shock, series star Joseph Sikora says, that’s because he is — after all, Tommy killed his girlfriend during a rage blackout — and “he will be devastated” if/when he finds out that Holly was carrying his child.

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“One of the heartbreaking things [about Episode 5] is when Tommy just says to Ghost, ‘Help me,’ and we see Holly’s dead body on the floor,” the actor tells TVLine. “He doesn’t know where to go and who to turn to, and if Ghost had not shown up in that apartment at that time, I feel like Tommy may just have stayed there in that nearly catatonic state for days.”

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the action unfold.

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